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    Is It Actually Possible to Make an Entertaining DK PvP Video?

    And I mean one where it doesn't revolve around arenas. I've often wondered if it's actually possible to make a high caliber PvP Bg/world/dueling video and have it become popular+well received.

    Unholy doesn't revolve around big numbers so the casual crowd is, at least subconsciously, going to care about it less. There aren't that many "tricks" like you'd see in a typical rogue or warrior movie too, right? On the other hand, Frost has that stupid high damage but it's not a skillful spec and as such carries around a strong negative stigma around the community. Blood's even worse in that department.

    So, I ask you, is it possible? And how would -you- go about making a video so it could be successful?

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    Roll Engineering.

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    http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=176741 part 1 the only dk pvp video i ever enjoyed.
    http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=199003 part 2
    Unholy dks have a lot of tricks:
    dispelling important bufs like masters call, nature swiftness, frost barrier, instant pyroblast
    stealing rings of frost, deep freezes, cyclones and such.
    unholy frenzing blinds, amsing deep freezes and effects like combustion.
    rooting hunters, monks, ferals, and rogues on their gap openers and closer so they get stopped mid air. Using chain of ice to stop charge so u don't get hit.

    1vx fights
    good editing
    don't abuse slow-mo
    music that feats the scene
    good transitioning between clips

    P.S. I suck at these things so good luck lol
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    You're right except for 2 things.

    1. My name is spelt "God" not "Loucious-sama".
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    wanna know what are ( was ) the real class off wow?

    look at most viewed vidz on wcm, always the same, there is a reason for this...

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