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    EU PVP Realm- Outland or Ragnaros?

    Hi there, im gonna be rolling a new class and want to try out a different realm. (EU)

    Outland or Ragnaros?

    I will be rolling horde probably, but not sure yet.

    Also, does Outland still have login queues? Does Ragnaros?

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    I play on both those realms, mostly on Outland nowadays since I switched main. Outland is a really nice server for pvp, good population on both factions, though alliance is a bit larger. In tradechat you always see people announcing for RBG's and arenas both low rating and high rating. It can be 10 min queues in the evening.

    I have only played horde on Ragnaros, and back in cata it was a nice pvp server, even though horde didn't have much RBG's, but I think alliance did. Don't really how it is now. The cool thing with Ragnaros is the equal population between alliance and horde, 50/50.

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