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    protectors 10 normal issue

    Amber Shaper, sorry can not edit topic title

    In p1 we have tanks in constructs 2 times each before phase 2, and when phase 2 comes, there is no tanks in any constructs.

    In p2 we are finding when a dps or a healer is re-shaped life that, they have to keep drinking pools, because they will be out of will power, before the explosion goes off, and wel before bext re-shaped happens.

    What are we doing wrong for it too occur like this ?
    Also oozes are an issue, in p2 they are everywhere, we usually get 1 dps too try and deal with them and same in p1 instead of each person dealing with their own.
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    You can extend phase 1 a bit to make reshape life line up better with interrupting the monstrocity if you don't feel like drinking pools.

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    Use a raid cooldown instead of drinking the pools. Makes the fight faster. I would recommend drinking pools if one of the healers get reshaped. Otherwise just jump out when you have low willpower. The explosion isn't an automatic raid wipe if they go through.

    Have ranged nuke dps deal with the oozes (hunter, ele sham, moonkin etc.). Avoid multi-dotters on the adds. You want to nuke them down fast to avoid unnecessary damage. If the adds become overwhelming just get the melee to help out. We usually just got our ret pally to burst one or two down and then continue with the monstrosity.

    In case you have a hunter try to do this: hunter puts down a frost trap where the beam starts and the beam kiter should run around the trap so that all of the oozes spawn on the frost trap tiggering it. Voilá, every ooze is slowed from the get go, making it easier to deal with.

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    My guild was running into this issue as well with interrupt timing, we push the boss down to 72% and wait to push him to 70% until right after he cast an amber scalpel, helped us a lot with the timing.

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