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  • Human

    64 8.02%
  • Dwarf

    26 3.26%
  • Night Elf

    93 11.65%
  • Gnome

    19 2.38%
  • Draenei

    266 33.33%
  • Worgen

    10 1.25%
  • Pandaren

    42 5.26%
  • Orc

    18 2.26%
  • Undead

    15 1.88%
  • Tauren

    10 1.25%
  • Troll

    23 2.88%
  • Blood Elf

    200 25.06%
  • Goblin

    12 1.50%
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    Sexiest female race?

    Well there hasn't been one of these in a while.

    Now updated with Panda, if you're into that.

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    Pit Lord Zeror's Avatar
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    Female Ogres!!

    Soo hot they are, whew, breathtaking!!

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    Blood elf, without question. Nothing else even compares. The girls I mostly go for in real life are the ones with that kind of body type, considered too skinny, but still healthy. Night elf would be a distant second, then human. Nothing else even qualifies as cute in my eyes, unless the draenei were able to hide her hooves and tail from my knowledge.

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    Bloodsail Admiral DerSenf's Avatar
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    Friendship is MANLY
    Obviously the /waggle

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    High Overlord Zahadem's Avatar
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    how did the anorexic blood elves get so many votes o_o

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    The Lightbringer Hug's Avatar
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    Troll by far, there's no contest.

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    Where are the ogres on the poll?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zahadem View Post
    how did the anorexic blood elves get so many votes o_o
    Because nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    Derpkitteh (I typed this with a straight face!), you're being wholly unreasonable here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    You are full of shit.

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    Undeads...I don't care what you think, this ship sails itself.

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    This thread always pops up. Draenei ftw.
    Quote Originally Posted by TCGamer View Post
    If I had the cash to pay a DDoSer, I would in a heartbeat. Especially with the way the anti-legacy crowd has been attacked by the pro-legacy crowd day in and day out.

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    where's the option for Naga?

    I'm serious, naga girls make me rock hard
    Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Spichora's Avatar
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    Night Elves without any question ... they r hottest no blood elf or Draenei compares to tyrande or Ysera's night elven features (i agree she's not basicaly night elf but she has the form of night elf if not considered glowing eyes and horns ). I remember night elven raiders and archers in WC3 were hottest among all ! even grom Hellscream said that they r pretty and exotic creations he had ever seen

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    Bloodsail Admiral Samyaaza's Avatar
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    I am the only one voting female orc.... d'oh

    "Dude, why are you dead again?" "Because I'm raid-leading, doh..."
    Mess with the best, die like the rest...
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    I voted Night Elf cause they are my favorite race.

    It goes like this.

    1: Night Elf
    2: Draenei
    3: Blood Elf
    4: Human
    5: Orc

    Oh and yeah, I'm not saying this with the ingame races in mind but mostly by artwork, Blizz's art in general since it's their vision.

    I don't like the ingame models that much. Especially the BE ones, they make me sick by how they are moving around and stuff. In art they are fucking awesome.

    E.G for NE is Tyrande in the Kalimdor loading screen and Maiev in the Outland loading screen.

    Edit: Where the fuck are the Succubi????
    How can you say this is not sexy?

    Sexy Succubus

    Edit 2: Here is the awesomeness of the Blood Elves in art compared to their crappy ingame models.

    Blood Elf

    Blood Elf 2

    Edit 3: Take a look at this Night Elf.

    Night Elf

    Edit 4: I wish they would make the new models this awesome.

    Blood Elf

    Blood Elf 2

    Edit 5: Some Night Elves.

    Night Elf

    Night Elf 2

    And a Draenei.

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    I voted blood elf because there's no naga on the poll
    Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff.

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    Fluffy Kitten Taurenburger's Avatar
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    I'd say Draenei, but I'm not really into girls with hooves.

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    Pit Lord Detheavn's Avatar
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    Damn it people ... Gnomes deserve more love!!! D:

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    Night elves, Blood eIlves, Draenei, and for some reason Trolls. <<Top 4

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    Went with Goblin to be contrary, although they do have that cute/punk thing going on.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kris Kay Fernalld View Post
    Tauren drinking milk is like Humans drinking blood.

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    I am Murloc! Baiyn's Avatar
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    In lore, blood elves.

    In game, draenei:


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