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    Tiberium wars 3 issue

    Hey guys, i've been trying to google this issue but nothing useful is coming up. Whenever i move around the map it just feels clunky and choppy and the reason is most likely the 30 fps cap but people say it's the same in red alert 3, however that was smooth as silk and i didn't even know there was a cap untill today.

    I know this game has been out for a while and it's probably the second worst C&C to C&C 4 (Not certain of that, but not being developed by westwood is probably enough) but i wanted to try it out but it ain't happening if i cant get a solution to this so the best thing i can do is open a couple of threads on different forums. Is there a motion blur option hidden somewhere in the ini. files perhaps? i don't know, does anyone have the solution for this?
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    I think I know what you're talking about. Installed and tried it again for a bit a couple of months ago and I noticed the videos and scrolling was really choppy. Probably either related to new CPU/GPUs or Windows 7/8.

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    Most of stuff like this can be fixed with compatibility mode. Just guessing, though
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    Halp, i really don't think that that is the issue anakonda.
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