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    level to max, get a lot of acievments by facerolling raids, use tabards for rep. it still takes a long time and well personaly i don't see the point of it exept i would sell my char one day^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by melivia View Post
    damn haha its taken me few years to get to 16,000. cant image starting again and aiming for 10,000. Min-Max guide go!
    It has taken me about 6 yrs to get 6k achievement points (without directly caring for them and extreme casual play at the start). Got about 2k achie points since I started playing again start cataclysm.

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    If anyone ever goes through with this, it would be great to get sort of a snapshot of your achievements when you hit 10k, so we can see which ones you went for and which you didn't.

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    This actually sounds pretty awesome idea would say six months min to get there

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    Yeah i can say too that it would take at least 6 months. After playing for six months and half i got my "It's over nine thousand" achievement and after playing for year now i have 13060 achi points. But in MoP it's quite easy and fast to get many achievements now so hardcore players should need 3-4 months i think

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    I'd bet my money on Ataxus from Blood Legion if he was to participate.
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