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    Looking for a multiplayer online game to play, preferably

    Hello. I have now 1 week of from school and unfortunately I am getting bored of my games since not many of my friends always play when I do so I need a game to play besides bf3, bc2 and dayz/wasteland.

    It feels like I have played all the ''fun games''

    lately I have played assassins creed 3 (epic game, my first assassins creed)
    far cry 3

    that's probably the latest big released games ive played.

    I can make this list huge what games ive played but i'd like you to mention your games that you play. I prefer online games, not mmorpg, since i dont like play alone but if there is a game like assassins creed 3 that ive missed, mention it

    so just give me few good games that i can play and ill see if i have tried them or not.


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