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    Did LFR on PTR a few times. Might be because of gear scaling, but OMG Disc was soooo much better than Holy... Holy, was struggling to maintain #2 spot (#1 was a Disc), went Disc, easily number one with mana to spare... Now, obv the 480 ilvl didn't help, nor did half my addons not working (both more critical for Holy than Disc), but attonement is incredibly strong right now on PTR.

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    Do remember that in LFR there will be the buff to dmg+healing for each wipe which Disc dubble-dips in when smiting heavily.. add to that lot of bosses with dmg multipliers...

    LFR is a bad testing ground for Disc vs. X

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    How much damage/hps is smite healing pullling out on the ptr on a raid dummy?
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    Baseline instant Holy Fire is nice too. If you like atonement then you no longer have to choose between the Penance glyph and the Holy Fire/Smite glyph.

    I'm also a little surprised that all the atonement damage spells were increased to 40 yards. But that will make Will of the Emperor less precarious, and I'm sure a lot of PvPers like the change.
    Curious to hear what 3rd glyph you were using/debating with penance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazi View Post
    Curious to hear what 3rd glyph you were using/debating with penance?
    It varies although at the moment I have Holy Nova.

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