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    Racism in Wow

    Hey guys! I am coming to you guys today to show you have Blizzard used real world races to create the races in Wow. In doing so, Blizzard highlighted some key stereotypes and radical prejudiced that needs to be brought to light. I am here to do that for you guys.

    Humans - Lazy no working Europeans who sit in Stormwind all day and except to have everything given to them by their government. They are horrible at sports but still have amazing things like the best radical ability.
    Dwarves - Americans because they are ugly and fat but they still have tons of money and great well built lands. They also party very well. They do tend to be ignorant of what is happening around them.
    Night elves - Indians because they are purple and very spicy. They also tend to have extremely long hair and have very hairy bodies. They are also very religious and close to nature like Indians and cows, mice, which are their uncles.
    Gnomes - Asians because they're small and good for nothing except their amazing minds which allow them to create great things.
    Dreanei - Black because they are huge and awkward but well equip with big boobs and butts. They also eat a lot of elephant chicken and they city has a ton of grape drink / purple stuff.

    Tauren - Native Indian because they live in huts and do tribal dances but their city is also the riches because they do illegal stuff like casinos! HEY HOW ARE YA
    Trolls - Jamaican

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    Hey cool, can you post in the LoL forums about 'why there is no black characters' aswell?

    That would be great!

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    This is amazing. Really opened my eyes to the truth.

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    Some people will just post anything.

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    maddi123 - A person who finds a quick way to piss off a lot of people

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    To the same extent, Blizzard could have created everything out of pure creativity and instead it is you being Racist making these assumptions...
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    Wow this is dumb..... Not sure if troll, serious or just moronic.

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    Closing this.

    We've had exactly this kind of thread happen before, it ended up filled with tons of racism and nation bashing. We don't need that.

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