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    I probably dont have the wide array of games most of you have but...

    Darksiders 1/2
    There arnt that many games that I bothered playing past 10 hours, but I spend a good 40 on Darksiders 2 alone. Its like a darker version of Zelda; you go through different temples trying to get objects/whatever.

    Its on the best games I've played.

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    Good games listed thus far. Alpha Protocol, Darksiders, Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story, Metal Fatigue, Fallout: Tactics, Phantom Dust are all great games that I have played, and I may take a look at some of these games listed that I haven't played. Not sure I'd consider Final Fantasy Tactics as underrated, as I think anyone who enjoys SRPGs is going to have that in their top X list, myself included (in fact, its the only FF game I enjoyed).

    I'll have to add Savage: Battle for Newerth (not to be confused with Heroes of Newerth). It was an RTS/FPS hybrid where one player was the Commander, who played it like an RTS, and everyone else played the troops in FPS form. The Commander would send troops to explore, expand, defend and attack while they also worked on upgrading their base(s) and researching technology. If you were a selected troop, and the Commander issued you a command, you would see a beam of light at the location you needed to go to. As players defeated other players and various neutral creeps, they would get gold and XP, which would allow them to upgrade to bigger and better troops, take extra supplies, etc. It was quite fun, and getting on a good team with a good Commander would usually create a team that lasted the rest of the day. Of course, if the Commander was really bad, the players could vote for a replacement (which, from my experience, didn't happen a whole lot). I even enjoyed the between match lobby, as everyone would discuss the previous match and players would discuss with the Commander what strategies worked and which players should team up together for better synergies.

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    YAY I beat Zaelsino .

    SHADOW HEARTS COVENANT! AKA the best game no one ever fucking played.

    just a brilliant BRILLIANT JRPG, but sadly it's only known to a minority. Think of ALL the things that most people complain about in JRPG's (androgynous emo main characters, light and fluffy setting, insane storylines) SHC does away with ALL of those, producing a game with serious dark tones and themes, plus hands down the COOLEST main character of all time Yuri Volte Hyuga

    I could go on at length (and have in the past )about all the reasons this game is amazing, but I'll leave something for the other people who will invariably come to this thread to say about this amazing game!
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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Alan Wake - Truely a gem of a game. This game has some amazing landscapes, story, characters, music, graphics, atmosphere. Basically everything, but the gameplay was okay. I still have high hopes for Alan Wake 2.

    Command & Conquer: Renegade - Very underrated for its time. While the graphics were a little dated, it had a very fun and easy gameplay. And the singleplayer was pretty neat. I've had so much fun with this game, but a lot of C&C fans seem to hate it. Westwood just wanted to try something different than keep making RTS games all the time... I don't blame them.
    I'm not sure if Alan Wake really counts. I've only read good things about it, it's not so much underrated as unknown.
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    Going by the average /gaming circlejerk on Reddit, I would have to say;

    Star Wars: Battlefront 2
    Anything by Tim Schafer
    Any obscure N64 game
    some creepy Japanese dating sim ("it really got me in the feels, the sad storyline right before I fucked the quadruple amputee schoolgirl" etc)

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    I'd have to go with Kya: Dark Lineage. It's one of the best 3D platformers I've played, yet nobody's ever heard of it and it was panned by reviewers.
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    Bomberman 64 is one of my favorite games ever, not sure if it actually counts as "underrated" but lots of people have never heard of it...
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (GC) Also an amazing game

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    Monster Hunter series, maybe not underrated, but under appreciated.

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    The Soul Calibur series compared to other fighting games like Street Fighter and Marvel. Even Smash Bros Brawl gets more hype over Soul Calibur tournaments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klog View Post
    Thief Dark Shadows
    Luigi's Mansion (GC)
    Super Mario Legend of the Seven Stars
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Dragon Warrior Monsters
    Darksiders 1 should be a 9 minimum
    Shaqfu was awful. You are lying lol. My friend has a tie-dyed Shaqfu shirt.

    Killer Instinct
    Persona Series - this might be a more American Underrated thing. I think it has larger followings abroad.
    Catherine - great puzzle game interesting stuff all around here.
    I'll echo Darksiders- thing it is getting more of a following, but really needs the sales boost.
    Dues Ex: Machina - the first game.
    Rockstar Table Tennis - might be my favorite 360 game.

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    Super Ghouls and Ghosts(snes)
    Jet Force Gemini (N64)
    Brave Fencer Musashi (PS1)

    Still looking for a hardcopy of BFM to replace for my lil bro =/

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    The killzone series? I loved KZ2 pvp.
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    The older MMOs like UO, EQ, and DAoC. Better games than WoW yet sad part is most WoW players were probably like 4 when those games were out and never got to play an actual fun MMO with great communities and Devs that didnt nerf content through the ground so everyone could be a special snowflake and have good gear. You either earned your gear or you wore garbage. Also no LFG or server transfers. You knew how to play your class and were good so you got groups or you were a bad player, everyone on your server knew it, and you never got groups. Thats the way it should be. Rewards for good players, nothing for bads.
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    Kirby Air Ride. Got mediocre reviews, and isn't mentioned a whole lot, but it's honestly the single best game to play with friends.

    Ace Combat on PS2.
    Viewtiful Joe.
    Professor Layton series.
    Pushmo and Crashmo.
    I think they all got pretty good reviews, they just seem under-played.

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    Best Mech Sim I've ever played, no other game in the genre feels anywhere close to how great this game was. Good Story, good mechanics and customization, and good gameplay and multiplayer.

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    Tactics Ogre for the PSP. A shiny gem of a game. Even Jeremy Parish from 1up gave it A+.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dense View Post
    Nier - i don't think many people know about this game. The game is great, but the soundtrack is absolutely amazing.
    Thread should have ended here.

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    Lollipop Chainsaw, weird crazy random ass game that was fun as hell.
    Any wrestling game on the N64, just pure greatness.
    Prey, yea, very underrated, hoping part 2 pulls through.
    Street Racing Syndicate, I played way too much of this game than I should have. It was just amazing and I don't even know why.
    Mafia 2, pretty great game for what it was, amazing soundtrack too.
    Deathsmiles, fun little bullethell game.

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    Advent Children ... I feel like this game is what inspired bioware to make Mass effect ... so many similarities between the two... the stories were very similar, both main characters were like the best humans around... the gameplay was also kinda similar with both 3rd person shooting and special abilities like pull, push etc. so yeah it feels like Bioware took the basics of Advent children and further expanded them... damn I still hate the devs for giving up on it after one game when it was supposed to be a trilogy

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    loved this game

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