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    Mindbender on CD?

    Hey guys,

    I just started raiding LFR as holy and due to my low gear level, my mana is empty at the end of most fights; during most of these fights, I use mindbender pretty much on cooldown usually getting me an extra 30k ish mana (1 cascade). My question is is that even as gear level scales, will I continue to use MindBender on cd? I thank you for your speedy reply

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    If you find that you are super mana starved and are just sitting around doing nothing, try out PW:Solace instead of mindbender.
    Though as you get more spirit, you won't be pressed as much for mana. However using Mindbender on CD means more mana overall and more mana == more healing.
    I am Disc with nearly 14k spi fully buffed and I still try to use my mindbender on CD, even at full mana. I press mindbender and spam a few PW:Shield's.

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    If you're specced into Mindbender, you will be using it on cooldown. Even with my gear, it's used 5-6 times per encounter (with the exception, usually, of Tsulong, where I spec FDCL instead).
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    As others have said: if you're specced for Mindbender, there's no reason not to use it on CD. However, if you're having very bad mana problems, PW:Solace can be better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by espoire View Post
    However, if you're having very bad mana problems, PW:Solace can be better.
    Shadowfiend gives more mana per 1 use i believe, so if you're having serious mana probs, do like this guy, and use shadowfiend together with Hymn of hope that boosts your manapool. Then use it again together with another priests hymn.

    Ask for innervates and hymns man, maybe not in lfrs cuz most people wont care but for proper raids.

    And chuck one of those mana potions aswell.

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    In terms of scaling, the only thing that increases the amount of mana restored by Mindbender is Haste, and the only thing that increases mana return otherwise for a priest is spirit.

    Will you NEED to use it on CD as you get more gear? No. But, you will ALWAYS want to use Mindbender on CD.
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