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    Red face Reflux profile not loading properly on other chars.

    As the title says, i did a /reflux snapshot "profile" on my hunter and added stuf/bagnon since they don't have profiling and then did a /reflux save.
    Now here's the problem, when i log on to an alt and activate the profile through /reflux switch "profile" everything except bagnon and AzCastBar loads, why is this?
    The wierd thing is that it seems to work just fine for people that have downloaded my UI on wowinterface.

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    Remove your interface/wtf and download it aswell then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfbeach View Post
    Remove your interface/wtf and download it aswell then
    So you want me to remove my UI and then dowload my UI?
    Been drinking Elfbeach?
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    Edit, seems like neither AzCastBar or bagnon works with reflux which is odd since acb has ingame profiling and after typing /acb and loading the profile from there is works great.
    It just wont load through reflux.
    And i added these ingame for bagnon so reflux could make a profile for it, did i do something wrong? It's the savedvariables name i found in their .toc.


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