Grim guard has been on Ragnaros since 2006. We are a Swedish guild so you must understand Swedish in speech and writing.
Our members have an average age of 24 + with experience from hardcore to simply be social. The goal of the guild is to offer everything from raids to social gaming. We always put raids in focus on the 3 days a week we raid. With a goal to take down what blizzard throws at us in the form of raids.
For us the social side of the game is as important as getting ready for a raid. Our goal is to be able to raid and have fun while we are making progress.
We have grown to become a guild players like to stay in for a longer time. Many of our players have been involved in several expansions and even though some cut down on their raiding, they stay for the social part of the game.
Looking for a guild that has both focus on raids, raid actively with a solid foundation that leaves room for personal time then Grim Guard is for you.

We are mainly looking
Range DPS: elemental shamys, boomkin, hunters, warlocks
Melee DPS: Rogue, Death Knight, Monk, devs shammys

Other classes are welcome to apply.

For questions or concerns please contact us in the game or our website