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    Do you like to PvP?

    Well so do we, and we can use a few more players.
    Thirteen horde guild on Dark Iron

    We do random bgs and arenas unless we have 10 on for rated bgs.
    We are most active between 5-6pm till about 12 am (midnight) PST
    And active pretty much all times on the weekends.

    We are a mature guild with the bulk of our members 25 years or older. We are not a PG-13 guild, we swear like sailors, talk sh!t about you, other players and even about ourselves. So if you can't take a joke then move along, cause we are not the bots you are looking for.

    We like to have fun, and don't stress ratings much, although we do have plans to go 2200+ next season in rated battle grounds.

    Ventrillo with a working microphone is a must, don't even contact us without one since the interview will be conducted on vent.

    If you are not a crayon eating, window licking, trade chat retard and are interested in smashing (or getting smashed) other players with us contact one of us in game via our battle tags.


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    Could still use a few more. Healers and ranged dps primarily

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