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    (H) <Only Theory> 7/16H LF DPS for 10H and 5.2

    The Horde Guild Only Theory of the Emerald Dream server, is once again recruiting for 10 man raids. Specifically we're looking for Ranged DPS although we'll consider any decent players for any position. We keep the raiding times light while still completing content. While we'd prefer players who are at least LFR geared, if you're a decent player we can work with you on getting gear, it is not an issue.

    About Us: Only Theory is a group of friends who have been raiding together since early Wrath. We're a relatively small guild, keeping the roster pretty clean. We're not super hardcore, if anything we're fairly casual. That said we make an effort to keep raid nights shorter, but efficient with little time wasted. Now we're looking for people to jump into the fold and join us in the raiding game.

    Current Progression:
    5/6 H-MSV
    2/6 H-HoF
    4/4 ToES

    Raid Times:
    Tu/W/Su 8:30pm-11pm CST
    During progression we like to throw in a Monday raid at the same time as well.

    Classes Needed:
    We're looking for just about any ranged dps, though we'll gladly look at any DPS interested in joining. If you can pull some decent DPS, we're definitely interested in you. Side note this would be for a core raid spot, not the bench.

    What we want from you:
    -The usual flasks/food/whatever blah blah blah
    -Competitive players who like to have a good time and kill bosses at the same time.
    -We're looking for as close to 100% attendance as possible, though we can work with different schedules.
    -Be able to take a joke.

    Contacting Us:
    You can whisper; Visele#1708, Saelethil, or Rafikiooha in game.
    You can visit our website at www.onlytheory.guildlaunch.com
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    Still looking for solid dps.

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    Bump for progression. 5/6 HMSV currently working on H HoF.

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    Progression bump, 5/6H-MSV 2/6 H-HoF need 1 more solid dps.

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