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    5.2 Advice

    Is my current gear and ilvls and shit.
    I am demo and affliction as you can see and i would need some advice in this matter.
    Is it worth to upgrade anything for me with my 1925VP atm or should i save them to buy something coming 5.2?
    I have seen that we can buy some neck once the rls is live which can be quite decent but since necks costs 1250 and a vp upgrade cost 1500 i will have the time to get vp for the neck.

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    I feel weird giving advice since I'm not the best geared warlock or player myself but nevertheless:

    I'd save your valor from here on out. Upgrades aren't worth the long time benefit(2/2 is what, no more then a 300-500 dps gain) of saving your valor for a bigger valor purchase later on in 5.2 since right off the bat you'll purchase the neck and if you save up to 3k, you'll have 1750 valor left to buy something even better like a belt or just cap that week and save up for a 2200 piece.
    As for your gear, there's a lot of mix and match going on here. I see you half gemmed for affliction and half gemmed for demo, which I guess isn't totally wrong but it's usually worth it to just gem for demo and stay at the 4717 breakpoint if you find yourself switching between demo and affliction a lot. Other then that I think everything looks good .
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