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    I'm a TOTAL whimp tbh... it would be easier to list the movies which DONT make me cry.

    But to list a few of the worst offenders -
    Grave of the Fireflies: If this movie doesn't make you cry, you have no soul.
    Where the Wild things are: A truly beautiful film, I was worried when they said they were turning one of my favourite childrens books of all time into a movie, then I saw the movie.... 5 times.... the first day.
    Mary and Max: a very wierd claymation film, about a young aussi girl who becomes pen friends with a newyork shut in.
    Saving Private Ryan: That salute :'( right in the feels every time.

    There are more, but I'll leave you with just those.
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    Too many films make me cry, I am a right softy. The first film I ever remember crying on was Land Before Time

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    The Green Mile, Pursuit of Happiness,Seven Pounds and some others I can't think of right now

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    Blade Runner ;_;

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    Any movie that's a basic pet/animal movie where it dies, gets wounded or such. For example Eight Below and Homeward Bound.
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    pokemon the first movie, and you know which scene I'm speaking of. that and every jackass movie, but those are tears from laughter.
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    felt a tear and lump in my throat at the phone scene in the bus station in The Impossible

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    Life is Beautiful, italian movie about a Jewish family before and during WWII. Holy crap that makes me cry. Only movie that does and I am not a softy whatsoever. If you dont cry from this, you have no soul.
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    Green Mile, Marley and Me, I am Legend (dog part)...basically any movie where someones dog dies. Always gets me. I was in the room when my dog was put to sleep. Literally the worst moment of my entire life.

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    Seven pounds by far.

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    End of saving private Ryan, when the old man cries and asks if he has lived a good life.

    Just seeing him break down always gets me chocked up.
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    The ones I remember which made me teary; Green Mile, Seven Pounds.. probably a few more.
    Sometimes I just get sucked into it too much, can't help it!

    Feels good though :')

    And what pyg says, if we mean the same movie. Don't remember if I was wet-eyed there. (Italian title, right?)
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    Changeling (the one with Angelina Jolie) was incredibly sad, even sadder when you consider it is based on events which happen, when you look into those it actually becomes a bleaker story again :<

    The Orphanage - my god when you find out the "twist" and then the ending... sad.

    The Colour Purple
    Blood Diamond
    Schindlers List
    Lord of War
    Grave of fireflies
    Raise the red Lantern (chinese language) - an amazing film but bleak as hell
    Pans labyrinth
    The Mist (stephen king) - holy crap that ending caught me off guard because that ain't how it went down in the book :O
    A whole load more but don't want to make this look like some kind of IMDB 20 page list.

    Now to invalidate everything I ever post again - I cried at Titanic - the part where the mother is tucking her kids into bed as the ship goes down, and the old couple holding hands in bed. The whole love story thing didn't do much for me, but that one part I mentioned did the trick.

    Most of these films I can only watch once, because they are just too depressing.

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    Movies that Made you Cry

    Spit it out. Name them.

    For me, I must admit, I am not a very emotional person, but Toy Story 3 did me in.

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    Only movie that ever made me cry was The Green Mile.

    No other movied managed that

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    Up! also by Pixar did it for me.
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    The perks of being a wallflower!

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    I shed a manly tear the first time I watched this (the scene won't have the full effect unless you watch the rest of the movie first).


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    Wow there was a lot of these threads Merged them all!

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    I'm watching Bridge to Terabithia right now.

    I know what's coming.

    Why do I torture myself like this.

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