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    That works somewhat but it's kind of hard keeping up with which way to go and avoiding the purple circle and pheremones and all that other nonsense on the way there. The problem is basically that it's LFR and you're not on vent with, like, a plan.
    It's kind of hard ? are you serious ? It's very basic raid awareness. Here's a hint to find where the pheromone kiter is: In front of the boss, where the yellow circles are being dropped.

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    It works for me, but then again it only works properly when I have just the target I want and my current target on my screen, rather than ERRYTHUNG

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    listen, tab targeting doesn't work on so many things. its time to start practicing mouse targeting. sure, tabbing might be easier on some things, but just break the habit. you'll thank me later.

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    You can use macros if you want, similar to the arena macros people use:

    /tar boss1

    boss2, boss3, boss4 etc with boss1 being the target that is furthest up on your boss frames.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardCoder View Post

    Tiny little square over some random dude's head going in some unknown direction.

    You try it sometime.

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    I have those. They don't tell you where to go when your tank is out of range.
    Use vuhdo as a healing addon. When you mouse over an out of range person it gives you an arrow pointing out where they are. Tho tbh a little more raid awareness wouldn't kill you :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilmir View Post
    As an aff warlock, do this:
    - Get a raidframe addon that shows all the legs and garalon as extra clickable boxes
    - At start run up to a leg and stand in the circle of it while while you nuke it down.
    - Do not bother with single target other legs unless there are 3 or 4 up and one is pretty much in your face
    - Click the addon frames for each leg and keep Corruption up on them
    - Do your usual dps routine on the body and enjoy the massive amount of shards for Haunts and sb:ss dot refreshes

    Yes you could go chasing after each leg and use Kil'jaden to get the damage buff from the circle, but honestly that's really meant for cleaving wars and rogues. Don't do it unless half your raid is dead.
    What addon specifically? I have SuF, but there isn't an option for this.
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    Heh my most hilarious moments were when i was trying to tab switch target in Firelands and instead of the next mob in front of me, i was trageting another like 80-100 yards away, that was not even agroed.
    Or even better the unique joy to tab switching and actually targeting a dead mob!

    I have issues with garalon legs as well. I am a tank kitter and trying to get the leg is hell, settled with the traditional click and target method and all is fine. Not very optimal for ranged though. One of the add ons that the guys suggested maybe. Not sure if you gain a dps benefit by dotting all legs, but i guess that it works since you re trying.

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    tab targeting has always been horribly bugged.
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    60k is not good single target dps.

    And how about nameplates? I hate people with disabled nameplates. They often pull something because they don't see it.

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