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    Removing Logged-Out Character from Instance Timer?

    My character's trapped in a disconnect loop in an instance, and was wondering.. what's the time limit for characters to be removed from the instance and placed at the graveyard while they're logged out? Would it be when instances reset, or is it different? Not sure if this time limit would reset if I login too early to the character to check if it's been moved yet, so I'd rather ask here than keep pushing back the clock.

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    I don't know. Happened to me on my rogue when i shadowstepped to one of the water spirits near the entrance of Stormstout Brewery. Whenever I logged back in, I fell into the water and DCed. But after a couple of hours I was alive outside the entrance (or something like that).

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    Your group should remove you after about 5 minutes. If you're not LFD blizzard been pretty good about porting your ghost to a graveyard after death.

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    It depends whether you are alone or in a group. As far as the porting your ghost to a gy goes, some DC loops don't involve being dead/ghosted.

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