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    Best Spec/Best in Slot list for 5.2

    Hello Mage friends,
    I know arcane changes are still up in the air.. scorch weaving will be obsolete soon... Sooo what will be the best spec going in 5.2? (In your opinion) fire? arcane? frost??

    I personally think fire will rise again...

    Also have you guys start developing your best in slot list for different specs? I am almost done with fire BiS wish list, I will post it in this forum once it is ready!

    So what do you think fellow mages??

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    We cant know yet because PTR isnt over yet and so there's still changes we dont know about.

    Everyday there's a topic asking "What will be the best spec in 5.2 ?"

    And the answer is always the same, "Its not possible to know" so please stop asking the same questions over and over again..

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    I am closing this thread because the question currently can't be answered. Please read and participate in our various 5.2 discussions and you can learn a lot more about the upcoming patch.

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