Thread: Bugged glyphs.

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    Bugged glyphs.

    Step 1: Cast trap
    Step 2: Make sure you run out of the effect on the ground just as it spawns. You need to run out and get the buff, but just barely.
    Step 3: Infinite 50% speed!

    It's been like this since 5.1 came. Anyone know if it's still like this in 5.2 on ptr? I find it quite useful. Also, is the glyph of direction still removing the CD of Misdirection in 5.2? Because I've learned that having no CD on MD is quite great, actually. Should be baselined :3

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    It just disappears after awhile though. So not really practical. Fun though.

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    It works if you side step into it and out quickly enough aswell.
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    Can't believe no one has mentioned this one yet: Glyph of Direction

    Misdirection with no cooldown.

    Would help if I would read all of the OP.
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    I havent had the glyph of direction for a while now (used it couple days during lvling to 90) and it still has 0 cooldown for me. Ive gotten so used to it by now , id probably be confused for a while when it gets fixed.

    -edit- im dumb. ofc I still have it

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