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    Having problems with last phase of Imperial Vizier Zor'lok 10HC

    Hello and good evening!

    Me and my guild has run into a little brick wall, a yelling exhaling bug that goes by the lovely name of Zor'lok. Straight to the point, we're having problems killing him, and it's in the last phase. We have the first phases nailed, where the entire group aside from me (as a Protection Paladin) and a Holy Paladin stays and we run and handle the boss while they kill off the echo.
    This is done in 1 Force and Verve on each one, one with the entire group, one from the Echo, nothing surprising there I figure.
    The second phase, I leave 4 people on the Echo, and 6 goes on to kill the boss and break the mind controls, etc. etc. all is very simple.

    Then comes the last phase, standard procedure: We stand in the middle, wait for the first Attenuation, then I drag the boss to a corner near the Convert platform, we all stand in shields aside from me, who bubbles. Here's where the problem comes, I will take the clone, and the other tank taunts out the clone to stand near the entrance of the boss room, but then people just die from various things, mind controls getting stuck in attenuation rings once broken; rings being overwhelming to some of the DPS, the healer not being able to keep me and himself up when I'm not standing in a ring on the bosses force and verve (when I'm tanking the echo).

    Does anyone on here have any specific recommendations? Killing the last echo? 3 healing? Let them both attenuate on the same place, then move them out so they're separated, or moving him out right after the first Force and Verve in the last phase? I am kind of clueless as to what to do right now, and would gladly hear any tips or recommendations for killing the boss.

    Logs of the entire night

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    for the first force and verb just stack on the 2 bubbles (yes some people won't get the debuff but you have raid cooldowns) and as soon as the force and verb is over MC's happen and instantly burn people out before attenuation. Other then that just make people actually target Mced people instantly or people will die.

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    We recently killed it (10m) and through 40 attempts we tried many strats: Trying pulling him behind pillar at start, spawning echo behind pillar, starting in middle and kill echo, etc..

    Then we discovered a kill video that completely trivialized everything for the last phase. Here's a video from my PoV and our kill.

    [Start last phase] 5:20
    1) Pull boss to entrance + Lust
    2) Ring phase + Force and verve
    3) When Force/Verve is ending (2s on channel) MT pulls boss way behind pillar on opposite side for Rings
    4) Break Converts
    5) Run to Opposite side and bounce back and forth between sides during rings from the main boss.
    6) Loot boss.

    Just have the healer and yourself use cooldowns to keep you and himself alive during the Force and Verve for the echo. As long as you survive that then you win. Make sure your raiders understand that you can only have 3/bubble. So that means 2 people will be outside with a CD for each Force and Verve when your echo and your boss is split up. Locks, Pallys, Mages, Spriests, Symbiosis Dispersion, etc... all can survive it.
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    I don't think redthunder's tactic is very good. We take him to the middle, stand behind tank and do the attuentation normally. Then when force and verve STARTS, we start moving him to a corner - that way the bubbles are in the middle of the room. Everyone takes one, heal it normally. Then comes the tricky part, the echo will spawn in the corner, MC will come, everyone goes to middle to break it - then you take the real boss to the other side of the room while you nuke the echo down. After that it's cake.

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    What we do in p2 is slightly different and it's on 25 man, don't know how much that will change things. As soon as boss drops down we lust. When first attenuation happens the raid does the dance except for the MT. The MT runs to the entrance of the room and taunts/should have aggro when attenuation is over. The boss runs to the MT and once there begins force and verve, the shields spawn in the middle of the room. Once the boss stops force and verve the echo will pop out near the entrance stairs(OT needs to pick this up to prevent song) and convert will happen. CC's need to have been burned during force and verve and you have to dps the MC'd people out asap.

    At this point the boss and echo are near the entrance steps. Your raid is near the middle of the room breaking convert and the boss is about to start attenuation. Designate a corner near the convert platform. When the boss starts attenuation , your MT and the entire raid(minus OT and OT healer) needs to run to this convert corner. The OT still has the echo and has the tough job preventing song and dodging stuff. Once the boss stops attenuation he runs to the corner your raid is stacked in. At this point the echo is in the front of the room with the OT and OT healer. The boss is in the corner with your MT, 2 heals, and 5 dps.

    Anytime the boss starts attenuation your raid runs to the other side of the convert platform in the corner. When the boss does force and verve you rotate raid CDs and have a rotation of who is staying out of the bubble. Since the echo and boss are so far away your MT and raid will usually only have to contend with rings from one of them. The raid repeats this until the boss is dead.

    The OT and OT healer will have an easy job of dodging rings if they can do the dance around the echo. It will be rough for them right at the initial split and any force and verve after. Just use CDs, potions, lock rocks, Hand of protection, etc. to survive this. With all the pallys you have a good comp, have everyone spec into clemency for the double BoPs. Plan out in advance who is in what bubbles, and who is staying out on which force and verves.

    Other than that, focus on dodging stuff and staying alive and not so much on dps. And again we do the above on 25 man, don't know how much the order of things happening will differ. Best of luck!

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    We were stuck on this for a bit, and finally got him down other day. We tried pretty much every tactic in p2 also, but for the kill we all went near entrance at start of p2, ran away from first rings, MT taunted boss to pillar between MC and FnV platform, rest of raid (except me the healer, and other tank) ran to between Ring and MC platform, they avoided the bosses rings, popped BL and nuked, went in FnV bubbles when they could and even tho me and the echo tank died, we managed to kill boss.

    By far, the easiest tactic imo.....we had over 100 wipes, and all but that tactic failed miserably so yeah...

    Oh, and I know this is VERY easy for me to say this now we killed him, when we did this tactic it really made me think "how the hell did we wipe so much" on the boss, literally seems easier than garalon hc now for me.
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