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    Help! 10M HC Lei Shi

    Building background: 6/16H (Dogs, Feng, Gara'jal, Elegon, Wind Lord, Blade Lord)

    Raid Comp: Guardian/Prot Warrior
    Disc. Priest/Resto Shaman/Resto Druid/Holy Paladin (Pick 3, will likely sit Holy Paladin on this fight.)
    Arc. Mage/Aff. Warlock/Surv or BM Hunt/Assassin Rogue/Frost DK

    Unfortunately, no logs at this time.

    I'm looking for a clear understanding of how to manage Scary Fog from the start of the fight as well as any suggestions for CCing the adds during the 80/60/40/20 percentage marks.

    We are using the Arc. Mage/Aff. Warlock to manage Scary Fog, but I'm not sure that we are doing it correctly. How do you do it?

    1.) How does your guild make the inital pull? Does it matter if everyone has 1 stack of scary fog? Does it hurt? Help?
    2.) Scary Fog is still a little unclear to me... how exactly does this mechanic work, what happens if a player stands in it? Do they receive a debuff?
    3.) Get Away is destroying us. What are we doing wrong?
    4.) General Suggestions?

    Thanks in advance. I usually wouldn't post and would look more on MMO and other places by myself but over the past few weeks I've been having IRL time constraints limiting my online time and ability to do look things up properly.

    Thanks for help in advance, guys. I appreciate it.

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    Also considering working on Garalon or another heroic. Thoughts on what we should progress on next?

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    2) Scary fogs gives you a dot so that you take damage every 1 or 2 seconds. The more stacks you have, the more damage you have. So if you have 20 stacks (which is max) you take the max damage per second. But the 200% damage taken is only applied to people around you - not yourself.

    Using 3 tanks and a DK as a 3rd tank stacking up to 20, deathgripping an add and killing it in 5 seconds is a tactic you can try out.

    3) Have the raid stand at once side of the boss and the people with stacks on the other. A demonic gateway is a good idea here since you have a warlock.

    4) First off get a hunter or warlock with 10 stacks, he drops them at around 10-12 stacks, then the 3rd tank outside should have around 15. He goes in, refreshes, goes in, refreshes etc. As I said - death grip the adds. He boss goes down really fast when the 3rd tank has 16+ stacks.

    hope it helps.

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    Scary fog puts the damage increase on players around you but not yourself but puts a dot on you that doesn't affect people around you.

    The general idea of stacks is to have one 20 stack and one 10-12 stack to fill the downtime when the 20 stack is refreshing.

    1) Have the stackers outside the ring. No, it doesn't matter if everyone has one stack as it only deals about 3k a stack. This is assuming no one stands on the tank. You can even have one person take a second for an additional 10% on the boss.

    2) All players and enemies in scary fog get a debuff that allows them to see how much extra damage they are taking. I was suggest using a weak aura to take the stacks on the boss to ensure she is correctly in the circle as sometimes it's hard to tell.

    3) note that the get away ticks are affected by her afraid buff. This leads to completely healable get aways at the beginning and fast ticking ones at the end. This allows you to build up stacks correctly. You must have a 20 stack for each get away past the 40-50% mark or it'll destroy your healers. With a 20 stack get away should not last longer than a couple seconds. Set up a CD order for get away and make sure your raiders are halving the damage by running against the current. Lastly make sure no player enters the scary fog circle or that person will get destroyed.

    For the protect phases, pick the add closest to your highest stacker and assign quadrants to CCers. Use fears for any un CCed mobs. Remember there are 4 adds in the first two protects and 5 in the last two.

    General tip: You can skip an entire 20% phase with 20 stacks and lust. After the special after the protectors, you can push her straight to the next protect with 20 stacks, saves a lot of time on berserk.

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    After we got our first kill on this fight 2 tanking we had trouble getting more kills so we switched to 3 tanking and it was a ton easier.

    Have your DK go Blood and be the third tank, make sure he knows to use magical cds all the time.

    Dk stacks up to 20 as fast as possible, have him use lock portal to go in for all get aways (staying away from other players but putting his buff on lei shi).

    Have Mage and Affliction lock each building stacks up to about 10 and then dropping them on boss, these two should be alternating their stacks to keep as much up-time as possible on the boss until around 60% at which point the dk should be hitting 15+ stacks. At this point have either the mage or warlock drop their stacks and not do stacks anymore, have the warlock keep building to 10 + and dropping them.

    Once the dk is at 15+ stacks he should be going in to put his stacks on boss as much as possible but getting out to ensure he keeps his stacks up before specials and obviously not letting them drop. After the 40% add phase wait for the first special and once special is over (or if its a get away) lust w/ dk putting his 20 stacks on it and push the boss down to 20%, if dk is fast he can army for the 20% add phase and still do normal ccs to be safe, from this point on its pretty easy.

    If the holy paladin is a good healer I'd have him in as purity is awesome for this fight; have him spam it on the warlock or mage until the dk hits 15 stacks then he uses it on the dk on cd.

    The DK will tank the add you kill w/ a cd (stun it as you kill it), it should die insanely fast w/ him putting his stacks on it every time (make sure he tanks it outside the circle or on the edge of it).

    for CC's you got 2 ccs from the warlock (banish/fear), wyvern sting from the hunter, and bind elemental from the resto shaman. Mage can put ring of frost where ranged group/healers are stacking and the priest can use psychic scream to fear any loose adds that show up. Hunter can also put trap down near ranged if an add comes through. Its important that everyone is cc'ing consistently and re-ccing a different target if they see someone got a certain cc (for example lock banish/fear and if banish is bound by elemental than switch banish to 3rd target). Rogue can also blind every other add phase.
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    Do you have any logs?

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    Get Away should be broken before your healer cooldown runs out. This can be difficult for the first one, shouldn't be an issue for the rest. We got our first kill with Resto Shaman(me)/Resto Druid/Holy Paladin and our second with Shaman/Druid/Disc Priest. Every Get Away got a heal cooldown (Tranq, Healing Tide, Link+Ascendance, Bubble when we had the priest). That first Get Away can be rough, yell at your raid to use the health stones. After that they should be going to fast cause of her stacks that a single healer CD is enough to get through it.

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