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    WeakAuras HP/Power progress bar load question

    I have two basic progress bars that reflect my Health/Mana. My problem is when I first enter the game I have to target something to get them to first show up; after that they work as intended. Is there a way I can get them to show on their own?

    On the same token I have the same issue with classes that change power types. I have a energy/rage/mana progress bar for my druid, but it will only change out when I use a skill that expends that power type.

    I have a feeling I just need a custom trigger, but I haven't figured those out yet.

    Just to reiterate myself I do not have them set to load under any special conditions, and I do have them all set to "player".

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    You'll need a trigger which watches for several events that triggers the aura.

    entering game world, talent / spec change, and I think zoning (along with the typical target/forcus/petdismiss stuff). You might also need them for join/drop group to cover party1/arena1 units though I can't say off hand.

    A full list of events is at: http://wowprogramming.com/docs/events. If were doing it, then I'd just open up stuf and look at what events it's listening for on each unit frame.

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    Thanks for the list; I got the progress to load right with PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD, but the progress bar no longer works. I am reverse learning this so forgive me if this is very obvious.

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    Make sure your trigger conditions are "any trigger" and not "all triggers"

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