View Poll Results: What is the most fun ranged dps class/spec to play? (PvE-wise)

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  • Balance Druid

    6 15.00%
  • BM Hunter

    4 10.00%
  • MM Hunter

    8 20.00%
  • Surv Hunter

    4 10.00%
  • Arcane Mage

    4 10.00%
  • Fire Mage

    7 17.50%
  • Frost Mage

    1 2.50%
  • Shadow Priest

    5 12.50%
  • Elemental Shaman

    9 22.50%
  • Demonology Warlock

    5 12.50%
  • Affliction Warlock

    6 15.00%
  • Destruction Warlock

    6 15.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    What is the most fun Ranged DPS class and spec?

    Like the title says: what is in your opinion, the most fun class and spec to play PvE-wise now?
    If you want to be more complete, you could even explain a little your choice.

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    My limited opinion is warlocks -- Affliction and Demo are both fun as heck.

    Now why.

    Affliction feels like a warlock. The multi dotting, creator of choas, it feels right to me. The changes in the class have made it fun, especially the ability to move and cast.

    Demo -- Complex as all get out. Completely different feel from other specs and classes.

    BTW: Hunters look fun. I haven't leveled one. Mages are mages still. Shadow priests have tons and tons of procs that seem to distract me more than make it fun IMO. Boomkin -- I haven't tried, but it might be next on my leveling list. Shaman. Again fun, but with tons and tons of procs to watch.

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    I voted affi. its a good all around spec and fun on both single target, cleave and multi-add fights. However, one of the issues with the poll imho is that some specs are fun as crap on certain fights and boring on others. Specifically talking about destro here. Specs pretty easy on single target fights but once you start adding more mobs, adds, cleaving, etc. etc. it becomes more complicated and more fun. Wish the poll were more done by class than anything. The ability to swap specs to suit fights is entirely why I swapped from a Boomkin to a Lock in 5.0.

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    Arcane and Elemental.

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    Balance druid and shadow priest are tied for me. I love playing mine, more so than my mage and hunter.

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    I've been playing around with a Destruction Warlock for the past 2 days and I'm actually beginning to enjoy it. I've not enjoyed any ranged dps since TBC Moonkin. AoE is especially fun, using Fire and Brimstone to Immolate everything, dropping Rain of Fire on them, then using the massive ember income to fuel more Fire and Brimstone with Conflag and Immolate. Keeps my fingers busy and it's really satisfying. Feels much better than my Fury (main) AoE.

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    Elemental, Balance than Destruction
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    Elemental and Balance easily for me.

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