View Poll Results: If Demon Hunters are implemented, what kind of class would they be?

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  • Like the WC3 hero and DPS melee only

    47 33.33%
  • Like the Diablo 3 class

    12 8.51%
  • A combination of WC3 and Diablo 3

    31 21.99%
  • Something different than WC3 and D3 versions

    21 14.89%
  • I have no idea!

    30 21.28%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    Largely, IMO, by ignoring them.

    That Metamorphosis issue is a big one for example.
    Actually I didn't ignore it. Metamorphosis for the DH is a 3 minute cooldown, sort of like Ascendance with Shaman. Metamorphosis Warlock is part of a resource system and a semi-permanent form. Also a DH in Metamorphosis can only launch fireballs at a target. A Warlock in Metamorphosis has an entirely different set of abilities.

    Two completely different abilities that just happen to share the same name.

    The armor issue? Deconstruct is a good idea. But it still leaves the class sharing one of the druids flaws. That they don't change their visual appearance, they don't get to change their look or show off their gear. Nor does it readily hook into Gems or Enchants or transmog.
    Actually it would, because (as I mentioned in the Demon Hunter class thread) there would be a few tattoos to choose from. Also Druids are one of the most popular classes in the game, so quite a few people don't mind having the same armor over the course of the leveling process.

    Resource and combat mechanics can be developed from scratch so that it can end up very different in feel. But the problem is you still end up with class that either fills a niche already filled (the issue GC brought up) or isn't a WC3 Demon Hunter.

    And you said it yourself:

    Well I structured my DH class as more of a battle-mage type of class.

    Why not simply call it a BattleMage?

    Because its not a Battle Mage.

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    Pretty easy to say they wear mail.

    With the amount of cloth that looks like plate and vice versa...wouldn't be that hard to imagine. Since they're a new breed of them, I don't see why they could canonically wear a little more armor, either?

    THe "but their niche is already filled by so and so classes".

    DK's niches were already filled too. It's more about the flavor of the class than anything else. There's no reason not to, is there?

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    DK's niches were already filled too. It's more about the flavor of the class than anything else. There's no reason not to, is there?
    Actually, there wasn't yet a melee class that casts spells and uses magic to command undead minions, representing a strong anti caster/healer force. Could other melee do the same thing? Sure, but they do it differently.

    Then you never want new classes. The other 11 classes will never be balanced.

    No, I just have a different expectation than you and most of the people who work at Blizzard. Good class development starts with balance. Not with having shiny abilities and new classes.

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