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    Nothing like flying down on a lvl 60 waiting for a spawn and 1 shotting him and then 1 shot the spawn he was waiting for.

    CRZ pvp 4 life.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    Why should world PvP be controlled in any way? The only form of control I would accept, are tools that balance out the faction numbers.

    Just repeating myself... people like the idea to fight evil in games, but honestly, PvE is only fake evil. It doesn't do anything unexpected or unfair. So, when REAL evil happens, aka players and their evil actions, the big cry for change starts, a lot of people can't or don't want to handle it.

    I just leveled a new rogue from 1 to 90 on a populated PvP server (Outland EU), if that means anything nowadays due to CRZ, and it was an ok experience. Didn't have too much trouble with ganking nor did I had to hide too often (if someone says it's easier as rogue). Ganking basically only happened, when I killed other players who quested, then they brought their alts for a few minutes.

    I like CRZ and I think open PvP isn't going far enough. Remove teleports and portals and summons of ALL kinds from the game and get rid of "flying mount PvP immunity".
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    I love it! World PVP was the most talked about aspect of WoW that people constantly brought up in those nostalgic "I rememeber when", "back in the day" type threads. And Blizzard delivered! And to that end, despite all the bitching and moaning that went on, I think people will appreciate CRZ more and more in time. I've been levelling a new toon from level 1 and in every zone there are people everywhere. The game feels epic again! (Sorry to get off-topic).

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