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    How many times have you changed your main?

    I started playin in wrath
    T10 hunter
    Start of t11 Druid end of t11 mage
    T12 mage
    Start of t13 mage end of t13 shaman
    Start of t14 mage end of t14 frost dk

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    Twice, used to be a hunter in TBC then DK in WotLK then warlock from the end of 4.3 onwards.

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    1 Time, but that was before I a real main switch = 0

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    Had them all but shaman and monk at max level at some point...

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    Once. I played a hunter throughout the entirety of B.C. Raided with him and was the hunter in our raid group that could not only keep something frozen the entire fight but make the mages sweat trying to out damage me while doing so.

    Got deployed to Iraq, had crappy at best shared satelite internet and decided hey lets level a pally tank and make it my farm toon for my hunter.

    Never went back. Been Pally tanking and raid leading since.
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    Zero times.

    DPS Warrior since Vanilla.
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    I have always considered my rogue my main, but they haven't always been my progression raiding toon. Almost always, but not always!

    In Tier 6, it was my shadow priest. In Tier 14, it was my resto shaman. I still raid(ed) on the rogue, just in a secondary raid.
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    0, mage since launch, though I switched to alliance after playing horde for 5 years in wrath, so it felt like a new main.

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    Technically 0.

    But I went from Moonkin/restro to Bear/cat during WOTLK.

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    Once, was a rogue when I was first starting out but been a priest since the last half of BC.
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    A fascistic nightmare...
    Warlock > Hunter > Paladin > Hunter > Warlock > Shaman > planning on going Monk or DK when I RAF my GF.

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    MoP. Got sick of tanking, and now I heal on my priest.
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    Once. I played a paladin from December of 2005 until June of 2007. Then I rolled a Horde paladin and never looked back. Still playing that same paladin today (whaenever my account is active, anyway).

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    Back in Vanilla I did...a lot.
    -60 H Warlock
    -60 H Mage
    -60 H Rogue
    -70 A Shaman (resto lol)
    -80 H Warrior
    Cataclysm and beyond
    -85 A Rogue (different than the vanilla toon)
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    1st = BC - Tauren Warrior
    2nd = BC - Orc Hunter
    3rd = Cata - Goblin Hunter

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    Never, I didn't even change spec.

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    Amazingly 0 times. Priest since I started at the end of BC, all wotlk, all cata, and no intention of changing in MoP

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    Twice, played a lock as my main up till the end of BC, swapped to my ret paladin after guild called a quits on raiding couple months before uld.........come mop current guild lost a tank so i bit the bullet and am tanking on my DK till we can find a good fit....dont really enjoy the current version of prot paladins in the least but blood tanking is pretty fun.

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    Warrior since vanilla, I did priest in cata, back to warrior in MoP.

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    I've more or less always played Druid.
    I've rerolled to Warlock and Warrior during short periods of time but I'm always comming back to the Druid
    The Druid was created in Vanilla so I guess I've to much memories on my druid to commit to any another character.
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