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    Question about Stone Guard hc

    I want to preface this with the following: I have not yet done any normal modes in patch 5.0 or 5.2, let alone done heroic modes.

    That said: Stone Guard hc has the added mechanic that you must light up tiles around the room by clicking an object and running over them. This is usually done by hunters or other mobile ranged DPS.

    My question has come to me after watching the Method 25 hc kill (http://youtu.be/wcAs56A2V3c?t=3m22s). At a certain point in the clip, Method's camera Combat Rogue and Method's tile Hunter were chained together. I noticed that during this time, the Rogue was just trying to stay as close as possible to the Hunter, and didn't light up any tiles, even though he often was able to.

    If someone finds themselves in a similar situation, where they're chained to the tile lighter, is there any mechanic that prevents them from clicking on the other object and assisting the tile lighter within reason? It's what I would do, at least.
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    no, nothing stops the rogue from doing that, yes, its a good idea to do it, i have no idea why he didnt
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    edit: ignore that, just watched more of the video and i was wrong
    yeah i have no idea why he didnt either :s

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    you do get a dot iirc when clicking the thingy, so maybe they simply didn't want to put more strain on healers than needed? but they get the spirit buff so idk

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    The kill video was probably their first kill and at that, it probably didn't take them very many attempts to down it, so perhaps the rogue didn't quite know what to do at the time because it wasn't something he was assigned to so he didn't want to screw anything up.

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