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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikashuri View Post
    Guess portal paid the most to get 1st spot (As always).
    Why would valve care how high a random website ranks a game they released 5-6 years ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kojinshugi View Post
    I'd definitely put Portal in my top 5 games of all time, along with WoW.

    It's just so damn well done, and achieves something you can't do in any other medium.
    Too bad Portal 1 is such a short game as well as having quite easy puzzles once you understand how the portal system works.

    Yeah, I think Portal 1 is easy, but I enjoyed it, nonetheless. Have not played Portal 2, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evokanu View Post
    I don't agree with that list, Metroid prime should be far higher then #18 -.-

    Also halo 4 being on that list with halo 1/2 being nowhere to be seen just makes me wonder.
    Can you read? Halo 4 was representing all the halo games, just like other series. Granted I dont think halo 4 was the best of the franchise.

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    Starcraft should be top 10, it revolutionized the RTS genre. Doom/Goldeneye should be top 10, because they both revolutionized the FPS genre. I'm fine with WoW being in top 10, because it revolutionized MMO's. I'm fine with any and all Zelda games in the top 10, because all the Zelda games from the 90s are great. Also fine with Mario being in the top 10 because it's one of the reasons gaming blew up. Bioshock and Portal should not be in the top 10, they're both good games, but not the best games ever.

    I'd probably argue that Ocarina of Time is probably the best game of all time, for a multitude of reasons, but it just did so much for gaming and it did a lot of things for the first time (assigning items to buttons, etc.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyqu View Post
    Can you read? Halo 4 was representing all the halo games, just like other series. Granted I dont think halo 4 was the best of the franchise.
    A 100 best games list don't work that way, you don't list a entire franchise under 1 spot on a 100 best games, not franchises. Them having halo 4 as the best of the franchise in that mather is off there too, they have done so for a lot of games in that list, which makes it being more then 100 games in a 100 games list.
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    Okami HD not top 50? BLASPHEMY!

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    Article lost all credibility when it didn't include at least either Half Life, Battlefield 2, Final Fantasy VIII, Worms Armageddon, Mass Effect, Tiberian Sun, Rainbow Six, Civilization, Starcraft 1, Metal Gear: Solid, Tribes or Warcraft 3 in the top 10.

    WoW in #10? Why not Counter Strike? It had millions of players with not even a 1/1000th of the content WoW has overall. WoW simply expanded on Warcraft 1, 2 and 3, there's was nothing original about it. Aspects of Warcraft such as aerial, mounted, large scale and naval combat are still not even present in WoW.

    Articles like these are all about subjectivity, but in case of big name websites, they're about who pays the most $$$ for publicity for their games, see presidential elections and lobying for the skeptics around here.
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    Proof that Addictive does not equal fun.

    Those who still have not caught, logging onto a game to grind reputation for a .01% chance to gain a 1% increase in your dps only to get yelled at by fourth grader over vent is not everyone's cup of tea even IF you are addicted to it.

    If it wasn't for the players, Wow might have reached 9.

    I'm offended that Final Fantasy 7 or Dragonball Budokai 3 wasn't on the list. Who doesn't love blowing up the world with a single attack.

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    I just read through the list in its entirety. There are a lot of good choices there, but they're in the wrong order. There are also a lot of games missing; games that have changed the way we play and the things we demand from developers. The list is pretty heavy when it comes to modern gimmicky titles with no real substance aside from beautiful graphics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lastlivingsoul View Post

    I'm offended that Final Fantasy 7 or Dragonball Budokai 3 wasn't on the list. Who doesn't love blowing up the world with a single attack.
    I find blowing up PLANETS a liiiiitle over the top

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    Quote Originally Posted by Promark View Post
    FFVII was only good because it was the first one that was 3D and had FMV. The story was okay, but the mistranslation of everything made it difficult to follow and understand.
    Really? So the materia system had nothing to do with how amazingly awesome the game was?

    FF7 not in the top 10 basically junks the entire thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalis View Post
    Not finding-a-cock-on-your-girlfriend-is-normal level of odd, but nevertheless, still odd.

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    its daaaamn hard to compare soo many games, that go in so many different directions... you cant compare shooter and RPG, both deliver a whole different experience...

    thats why such a list isnt really saying anything...

    + its just personal opinion, not global survey...

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    Great to see two Zelda games in top 10 but Counter-Strike: Source at rank 30 whilst the original Counter-Strike game is not even on the list. Pssh such a shitty list.

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    My list.

    1. Half Life
    2. Half Life 2
    3. Half Life 2 Ep 1
    4. Half Life 2 Ep 2
    5. Skyrim
    6. Battlefield 3
    7. Warcraft 3
    8. Zelda: A Link to the Past
    9. Battlefield 2
    10. World of Warcraft
    Why does Ghostcrawler hate paladins?
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    A ret paladin killed his parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    How the fuck is Portal number 1? Wtf is this shit?
    they're a business, not academia. they don't actually put rigor into these things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceleaf View Post
    People not knowing super metroid, wind waker, chrono trigger or bioshock.
    I'm deeply saddened by this.
    I don't agree with this list personally (who does? everyone has/should have their own list) but to not have heard of some of these games...

    Sometimes I forget that not all gamers are part of my generation.

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    Retarded list... Rogue Squadron 2 is in, but X-Wing is out? TIE Fighter is out? No mention of Elite (or for that matter any pre-90s games). No Doom either. Throw it in the bin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanman12345 View Post
    well if time invested means anything, then wow is definately #1 for me.
    Beanman said it best.

    But seriously, Portal???

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    It's opinion based, calm down. You might think differently but so does the author, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    My list would be:

    1. Counter Strike
    2. WoW
    3. DayZ/Wasteland

    Nothing else comes close for me, and WoW would take over CS if it was constantly good. Pre orange engine CSS vs Pre Cata WoW, now that's a contest. Nothing will ever beat the top 2 for me, not even close.

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    no SC, no HoMM III, no Diablo 2? At least one of them should have made it to the list

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