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    Burning Wrath Mists of the Cataclysm Crusade King of Pandaria
    By all that is holy...

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    Uh, we just had Wrath of the Lich king. Don't need part II.
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    By all that is holy...
    Tirion Fordring: The weight of such a burden... ... It must be mine, for there is no other to--
    Bolvar Fordragon: Tirion...
    Bolvar Fordragon: You hold a grim destiny in your hands, brother ... but it is not your own.
    Tirion Fordring: Bolvar... By all that is holy...
    Bolvar Fordragon: The dragons' flame... sealed my fate... The world of the living can no longer comfort me..
    Bolvar Fordragon: Place the crown upon my head, Tirion. Forevermore - I will be the final boss of World of Warcraft Cataclysmic Wrath of the Crusade!
    Tirion Fordring: NO, old friend... I cannot...
    Bolvar Fordragon: DO IT TIRION! You and these brave heroes have your own destinies to fulfill. This last act of service... is mine.
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    getting banned from mmoc is like being let out of your jail cell when your sentence is over.

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