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    Gold truble on a Low populated server

    Hello everyone!
    I started playing Mop and transfered from Kazzak Eu Horde to Alliance.I did it because I wanted to world PvP since its a 70% horde server and finding an enemy player is almost impossible.Besides all of that i have been enjoying it so far but recently I stumbled into a wall.All of the basic gems and enchants cost ridiculous amounts of money.Now i am leveling some professions to compensate for that but the thing I am asking if there is someway to make gold without the auction house.

    Ps: I have checked the neutral auction house but nobody uses it.If I am breaking any rules with this thread please feel free to remove it.

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    I don't really make much gold, myself, so I'm not the best to help you figure that out, but leveling professions tends to reduce the cost of most of this stuff.

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