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    5 Man RBG Queues

    I heard rumors that 5.2 would bring 5 man RBG queues, but haven't seen anything regarding it in the patch notes.

    Unless I totally missed something, has there been any discussion about this?

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    I didn't hear anything like that. Not that I follow WoW since I'm not subscribed...

    Do you mean the RBGs are 5 man or that you can queue and join another group of 5 people?

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    just a rumor , nothing real

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    You have your 5 man q's already, it's called random bgs

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    imagine the grief if they put to 5 mans together...

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    Blizzard said they wanted to make 5man RBGS for the smaller maps like WSG, TP and Battle for Gilneas. They also said they dont know if it will happend before 5.3, so wouldnt hope for it to come in 5.2

    Me, myself, hope for it to come in 5.2. I love the idea of 5 man rbgs.

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