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    38 12.62%
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    53 17.61%
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    59 19.60%
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    38 12.62%
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    26 8.64%
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    23 7.64%
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    23 7.64%
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    Currently have 3 at 90. I have 21 other toons all sitting at 82+ that I'm having a hard time finding the desire to get through Pandaria.

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    I'm a bit slow this time around and behind the times, just the one so far.
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    I only have one level 90 (my main character) right now in MoP. WotLK, I had three level 80s that I raided with. Cataclysm, I had six level 85s but I consider this an outlier because old-world flying allowed me to easily level characters through gathering professions - and at least three of those 85s were leveled solely for guild Classy! achievements.

    I will likely finish leveling my Alliance character to 90 for the Double Agent achievement. Other than that, I don't foresee having additional level 90s for MoP, nor ever having more than one max-level character if future expansions continue Cata/MoP trend.
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    I got all the classes ingame on level 85 or higher. I currently got 5 level 90's , and with a few more on between level 85 en level 88.
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    Where is the zero option?

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    Two so far. I'm now working on my alliance DK just to see the story from the other pov.

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    Two, and I have Master of All achievement. Frankly doesn't seem to be any point in leveling any of the other toons to 90, so I'll probably wait for the xp nerf prior to the next xpac to get the rest of my prof crew to 90.
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    Only bothered to lvl my paladin, I used to have 10 chars at 80 and then as expansions kept hitting it got tiresome
    Leveling in MoP sucked quite bad imo, so I couldnt be arsed

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    A better expansion.
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    Where is the zero option?
    The pole is aimed at people actively playing wow.

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    The pole is aimed at people actively playing wow.
    Ill never understand why so many people quit wow and then still post in the wow forum and they post about anything wow.
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    my hunter is too much fun, and i dont have as much free time as i used too, so the dk and hunter is 90, mage is 89, warr and shaman 87 and priest, warlock, pala, dwarf warrior, goblin hunter druid, rogue, is still 85

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    Voted 12+ as I was hasty and didnt see lvl 90 .. actually only 6 90's. Tons of 85s though :P

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    I have 1.

    I refuse to level any more until reputation becomes account wide. There is no way in hell I'm going to redo those countless boring weeks of dailies that I've already done, commendation or not.

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    Yet to be bored enough to level alts all the way to 90, so only my main atm.

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    I have three characters ready for T15 LFR, and am working on a fourth.
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    I have 10 on alliance (still missing my lvl 87 warlock) and 1 horde on a different server, so a total of 11 so far, soon to be 12.

    I really enjoy the leveling, and getting the BoA items, and the blue high power-level BoE items available from 84 and up (especially the weapons) that lasts until you enter your first hc making the lvl'ing both super fast and very enjoyable. Who doesn't like going into stormstout brewery normal and do 100k dps because of your inflated stats. On top of that i would just switch characters when lvl'ing so i would never have to quest or run dungeons without rested points, as soon as i had used them i would switch to a new toon.

    I think half my alts can enter all the current raidfinders, and at least 4 of them have at least 480 to enter the new raidfinder in the coming patch.

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    Have 9 characters at 90 now (still need to get my warlock, death knight, and shaman to 90 - have two paladins). 8 alliance characters, 1 horde. Just started another monk to level a bit slower than the previous one (leveled the first monk from 1 to 90 in 3 days). Still have 6 or 7 more characters that are 85 from cataclysm and (if I'm not too sick of leveling by then) maybe I'll try to get 1 of each class/faction by the end of mop.

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    in cata i had 4 85's;shaman, mage, dk, pala.. now i have just shaman and i cant force myself lvling any other char.. dk is half 87 but its boring a hell... 4 dungeons again and again is not right way to go and doing Q is taking waaaay too long....

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    Had an level 10 85s in Cata, one of each class. I have 3 level 90s now (all of them were leveled from 1 in MoP lol. Don't ask me why), and now I just can't bring myself to do anything in pandaria anymore that isn't a raid or PvP. Perhaps in a little while I can force myself to do it again.

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    I have a rogue, a shaman, a hunter, a druid, and a priest at the cap. I have a handful more in the 86-89 range.
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