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    38 12.62%
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    53 17.61%
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    59 19.60%
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    38 12.62%
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    26 8.64%
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    23 7.64%
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    13 4.32%
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    8 2.66%
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    7 2.33%
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    9 2.99%
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    23 7.64%
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    Only have 4 myself. Have 1 at 86, 3 at 85, 2 at 83, and my lowly priest is a whopping level 11.

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    When Cata ended, I had 5 85's. Now that Mop has been out, I 90. I really dislike Jade Forest, and am not a huge fan of Pandaria in general. That, plus all the faction grinds that wait for you to hit 90, plus less reward for leveling up(from 85 to 90 we get 1 skill and 1 talent point, at least one of which is usually bleh) and I just lack the motivation to do it again.

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    only my main at 90, i've my dk parked in orgri at 87 finished jade forest and i was bored so i'm not going to level any alt until blizzard at last allow alt to fly early. I don't care if you forced my main to level slowly but on alts sorry i'm not going to do it.
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    Obviously this issue doesn't affect me however unlike some raiders I don't see the point in taking satisfaction in this injustice, it's wrong, just because it doesn't hurt me doesn't stop it being wrong, the player base should stand together when Blizzard do stupid shit like this not laugh at the ones being victimised.

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    I have 1 level 90 character and I'm proud of it - Every class compared with my Druid just doesn't foot the bill.

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    A Paladin, a Druid, a Shaman, and a Monk.

    I like the hybrid classes. And yeah, Shaman used to be able to tank damnit!

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    I'm working on my 5th 90 atm, but I haven't been grinding as I have in the past. I'm farming, leveling profs, reps, etc.

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    1, and I have a Shaman stuck halfway through 89 because I'm lazy. Sue me.

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    1 on vanilla
    1 on BC
    3 on WotLK (I counted my BC main which was 70 on BC and my Deathknight)
    2 on cata (Also counted my WotLK 80 chars)
    2 on MoP (Which were 85 on Cataclysm)

    I stopped pexing my alts since i always ended up by playing my death knight since WotLK, which is in my opinion (Or at least one of) the funnest class of the game.
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    To be honest, over 20...

    When I first started playing I leveled a Hunter, Druid, and Priest (all to 60), Warrior

    In wrath I leveled Warrior, Death Knight, Mage, another Priest

    In cata I leveled 3 Shamans (Tri-Box), another Priest, Paladin, Hunter, Warlock, 2 Rogues

    In MoP so far; Monk, another Death Knight, and another mage, and another Paladin

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    Ill never understand why so many people quit wow and then still post in the wow forum and they post about anything wow.
    I guess you haven't seen the massive off topic section in these forums yet.

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    I have a total of 14 toons. Sandly, three of them are most active ones.

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    5. I am only doing the dailies/rep grinds/ on my mage though. Others I just bg on randomly.

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    Just the two, Warrior and Warlock. I will eventually get around to the rest, but eh for now.

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    11 all 85+

    3 90s


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    4 on my account. I did one for a former traitorous friend tho. So 5 all together.

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    I only got 3 at 90 atm. My monk (main), my warrior (former main) and my paladin (healer for alt runs, so i leveled it). Planning on leveling my blood dk next. I really hate leveling in mop, compared to cata. Takes too damn long imo.

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    The 12+ Server Hoppers doesnt apply to me

    I have 25, lvl 90's, mulitbox x5 so very easy to level toons too level 90 in the one go, per set of 5.

    All maxed profs, 1 raids in core, solo x5 heroic dungeons.

    usually level 1 set of 5 on xpac release, mixed team, then other team as I burn rested state on each set of 5
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    4 at the moment, with 6 at 85 or higher and my monk at 26. A hunter, paladin, death knight and druid are at 90, all Alliance. Next one will probably be my Horde Warlock, because I like getting multiple achievements at once (5th 90 and Double Agent). I attend the farm on all characters (it's one of the first things I focus on after getting 90) and then it just depends on the character if I leave it in place. My druid is my enchanter, so I get revered with August Celestials and Shado-Pan to get the plans.

    Only one I really want to get to 90 is my Priest, which is also my tailor. I'd like to get the new bag pattern (sitting on 45 silks, with mats for tons more), but I'm currently doing the Molten Front on it to get the 36 slot JC bag pattern.

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    I only have 3 at level 90 (inc a Monk), with 6 maxed professions atm as I was completely put off levelling more because of the rep grind and general alt unfriendliness when MoP first launched. I have another 8 at level 85 with professions at 525 sitting waiting to be levelled to 90 when I get the urge.

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    My main Mage and Priest alt are there. I have my Druid and Pally (both Gatherers) sitting at 86, waiting for me to have time to level them up.
    Then it is DK and Shaman (who is only level 20 something).

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