View Poll Results: How many toons have you level to 90?

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    38 12.62%
  • 2

    53 17.61%
  • 3

    59 19.60%
  • 4

    38 12.62%
  • 5

    26 8.64%
  • 6

    23 7.64%
  • 7

    13 4.32%
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    8 2.66%
  • 9

    7 2.33%
  • 10

    4 1.33%
  • 11

    9 2.99%
  • 12+ (for those server hoppers)

    23 7.64%
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  1. #61
    Both my Warlock and Druid are lvl 90.
    Shaman and Monk lvl 88.
    Other classes still at 85.

  2. #62
    just 1 cause im slacking

  3. #63
    Fluffy Kitten Millennía's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Northern Ireland
    Got 3 level 90s atm. My paladin was my main going into MoP so I levelled him first then I levelled my Druid since he is my herb/miner character so he just farms and nothing more. Finally I levelled a Monk so that I could make it into my new main. Other than that I cba lvling more. Maxed out all classes in Wrath and Cata and barely used half of them so just sticking to a couple this time

  4. #64
    2xMage, Priest, Hunter.

    level87-Mage, Level87-Shaman, Level85-Hunter.

    Usually get an alt to iLvl 480 before moving on to the next.
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  5. #65
    Just one. I played D3 more. But frankly after reading the most epic post today on this forum, I decided to level my hunter now.

    WOW never leaves you apparently. Not even the haters can let it go on forums.

    It appears though that MoP promotes the playing of a limited number of classes. I think that's not a bad thing per sé.

  6. #66
    Up to 3 90's now. The remainder of my 2 accounts are filled with 80+'s. I enjoy leveling, but I think I'm about done for the time being.

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    Fluffy Kitten Rivelle's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
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    I voted 4, because that's the number of 90s I have currently, although I've been leveling a second priest on another server/faction that is currently 84 and still have an 85 druid, 85 mage and 81 hunter left to finish leveling that I was working on in Cataclysm.

    My guild broke up as far as raiding is concerned earlier this month so there is no "progression" left to be had. I haven't really touched the alts since getting them to 90 except to do Tillers farm anyways. I might be server transferring my main shortly to start progression again in 5.2

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Mar 2012
    EU (Finland)
    Only 3 atm, but the plan is to level all classes to 90.

  9. #69
    Raiding heroic with my 2 level 90s.

    Have 2 86s parked at the farm for scallions and a 80 rogue on his way to the ranch. I don't think i will level them to 90.

  10. #70
    Hunter and Monk thus far. Shaman at 86 and soon to be completed, and I'll be working on a Paladin (currently 40), DK (66) and Priest (18) at some point.

  11. #71
    1 and I don't think I'll be leveling another any time soon, MoP leveling system is dreadful imo due to high hp pool of normal mobs, often twice as much as player's, yet the mobs hit for nothing, so it's like killing training dummies all the time.

  12. #72
    Finished up my 3rd the other day. Currently trying to figure out which should be the 4th.
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  13. #73
    Got my main warlock and a rogue. and now working on disc priest ( 88 ) and pot pala (83) I wanna have at least 1 of each role to play at level 90 dps/tank / healer.
    So in the end i'll have most likely 8 leveld to 90. Since I have 1 at level 80 for herald of titans, And I dont play dk. and a shamat at horde level 35 > will level this one too

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    The Lightbringer peaky blinder's Avatar
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    blue moon, you saw me standing alone.. come on city!!
    just 2 atm

  15. #75
    Just one this time around.
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    Mechagnome jd812's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Moved on to Argus
    12 almost 13

  17. #77
    The Lightbringer icausewipes's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Medusa Cascade
    i use my alts for keeping my main raid ready.

    5 alts + 1 main.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

  18. #78
    3x 90's and shitloads of 80's and 85's so far.

  19. #79
    I am Murloc! Azutael's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    I've got 3, amazingly enough. One is my gatherer that I don't use anymore.. then my trusty warlock and druid, that I have always had and will likely always play.
    Got 5 or so at 85 waiting to be leveled, don't think it will happen though. I keep trying every now and then, but it's so slow and boring that I just give it up.

    Leveling has never been this dreadful, only thing that comes close is leveling my druid in classic.

  20. #80
    I have 3 level 90, I have no plan to have another one soon.

    I made a server transfert right befor MoP, wich I have xfert 2 toons and leaving 7 level 85. So I just think I'm gonna puke from leveling.
    May Ill continue on some toon when flying is gonna be available in MoP

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