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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyTheCherriesLover View Post
    MoP leveling system is dreadful imo due to high hp pool of normal mobs, often twice as much as player's, yet the mobs hit for nothing, so it's like killing training dummies all the time.
    I think you nailed it. Fights are just extended and tedious. This has also contributed to a shortage of tanks/healers in end game, I think.
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    Only four so far, and that's mostly because two were done during an AV weekend where I PVPed through it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avada Kedavra View Post
    As Alt-Unfriendly MoP has been, I am wondering how many toons you have leveled. Has that minimized your progression?

    I myself have 6 level 90's as well as earning the Master of All Acheivment. (level ALL professions to 600)+

    Edit: This is since the release of MoP. Only level 90's count!
    13 to level 90, all on same realm, multiple accounts, 1 of each class plus a second DK and second Lock because just love leveling those 2 classes. Have 10 more at 85 but burned out on 85-90 for me some alts and kinda a profession whore

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    Currently 4, with 3 of them geared in full epics (couldn't stand playing my druid once she hit 90). Also working on a fresh hunter; haven't leveled one since back when they still had mana, and it's weird.
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    I came into MoP with 15 level 85's. Six of them were on my old server which haven't been touched since launch and likely never will be.

    On my main server I now have 6 90's. Five of them run LFR regularly and of those, four are ready for 5.2 LFR.

    I am now working on number 7, my hunter who is 87. I will admit that the leveling is tedious and it has to be done on full rested to reduce the time it takes. It is also quite painful gearing for LFR (at least in my experience) due to items not actually dropping once you start running heroics. I know it can be done, I have seen fellow guildies hit 90 one day and then be running MSV the next but for me it can take over two weeks before I step foot in there.

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    Just got my shaman to 90 a couple days ago (though I haven't updated the signature). I usually will level a toon to 90, get it geared enough to do the 1st part of LFR, play it for a couple of days, get bored and then level another one. Unless they announce the next xpac soon I plan on having one of each class and faction to 90 before the next xpac launches. I have all professions maxed at least once and in some cases 3-5 times on different toons (with a couple of realm 1sts). I tried raiding in a 'real' guild and did some 'real' raids on my dk tank (which is the best geared out of the bunch) but couldn't really be bothered to continue. As far as farming goes, I'll get a toon to the 16 plots then not bother to continue running the farm. I suspect that the 5.2 changes with the workorders and rep rewards may make me farm on at least a copule of toons to unlock the commodations. Then I randomly pick one toon and work on some achievement just or do some pvp to break up the monotomy(sp?).

    I really don't see MoP being as alt-unfriendly as people claim. Personally I don't have an issue leveling toons. If I get tired of the 85+ game I just log on one of the lower level toons and use up the rested xp.
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    Dinged on my 8th two days ago. I still have an 88, an 86, 3 85s, a 70 and my lvl 14 monk to go. I don't raid anymore, and while I'm one of the people that enjoys leveling, dailies, achievements, and mount and pet collecting, I think leveling is a bit too slow in MoP (I thought it was far too fast in Cata). That said, we have what ... a year and 8 months of MoP still to play? I'll get caught up before the next expansion. I always do. While it's sometimes frustrating to keep track of a laundry list of stuff to do, it beats logging in and staring at your screen with nothing to do (looking at you SWTOR).

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    i Have 4 90 and 1 88 and another 86.

    Had master of all achivement when i only had 1 lvl 90.

    Aiming to get 6 90's before next patch but is not gonna happen cause i hate panda lvl'ing area
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    Had 3 chars to 90 in the 4-6 weeks after release and stopped playing after that for a short time due to real life thingies.

    Just rerolled on a new realm of a rl friend and leveled 1 char to 90. Would love to level another one, but just cannot bear the thought of grinding through pandaria again :<

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    At the moment three, working on my fourth now.

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    I have at least one of each class with seven leveled to 90. There is nothing unfreindly about leveling alts. It goes quickly. About a three day turn around from 85-90.
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    Have leveled three so far. I generally don't play more than one character at a time though. Each one has been my "main" at some point in the expansion.

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    I am working on my 7th, at 88 now, Very slowly. I dont do dailies, i just que for dungeons.
    I had 12 85's in Cata(one on Horde). Leveled a monk to 85 but stopped cuz the leveling 85-90 is dreadful and boring.
    Was hoping to have all 90's by 5.2, but isnt gonna happen, just to try out the new changes for each class.
    Was hoping to change my main in MOP, but since i cant determine full potential at 90 of other classes/specs, my Hunter remains my main until then.
    Ret is ok, Combat rogues are meh, like my Spriest, Frost mage, Enh sham, but that isnt enough to say "OMG i enjoy playing this more than my Hunter".

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    4 that I play, 7 that just sit there gathering dust

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    I have two lvl 90s. I used to have five max lvl characters in Cata, (2 horde and 3 alliance) but with school it's been a slower lvling process than the previous expansion.

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    I have my Paladin and Shaman on level 90.. Currently 87 on my Warlock.

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    Only 4 so far. Haven't bothered with the rest yet, will get them all to 90 eventually.

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