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    Skipped division in ranked!?

    Basically i had very good day in ranked today, I managed to get 12 or 13 winning streak playing exclusively as support (janna/leona my love ). I started from gold I 0 points and quickly managed to get to platinium V, then when i reached 100 in plat V after 2 promotion games victories I was put in platinium III. It seems that there are no players in platinium IV, II and I and only 2 players in platinium III (including me). Just curious is it normal to skip divisions and what will happen when i advance higher? Division is called Varus's Destiny.

    BTW looking for a good ADC to duo who likes to play aggresively

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    Riot has said that if the system thinks that you are supposed to be high then you are, then it is possible to skip divisions. You will never skip from silver to plat, but you can skip within the tiers.

    Also, we have chat rooms on the NA and EUW servers, mmoc-NA and keko respectively. I don't think we have one on any of the other servers though. And, if you want to look for a duo partner, you may consider posting/browsing this thread. Though playing with the people on whatever server you are on is likely a better way to find active people.

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    I had a five game losing streak in silver 4 and got put in bronze 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverhatred View Post
    I had a five game losing streak in silver 4 and got put in bronze 3
    Not possible. You can't fall below silver 5 if you were in silver 4. I would call Riot support about that if you really did.

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    Same thing happened to me, gone from 4-2 in silver.

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    Skipped a division too. My friend even went from D5-3-1, skipping TWO of them in the same tier -_-
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahugani View Post
    PS: If you detect ANY irony or sarcasm in this post AT ALL, please report it to [email protected]

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    I skipped too from D5-3! Dont know what is happening!

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