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    A lot of people have been commenting and complaining about the "League of Warmogs" and was wondering how Riot can balance items for this season and for future seasons. I thought what if of the 6 slots for items what if Riot restricted how much of items people could get. For instance each item will be designated for offensive, defensive, or support. So for instance for true damage dealers of their 6 items 4 could be designated for offensive items, 1 for Defensive, and then the final slot for whatever else. Supports could be 4 meant for support items, 1 for offensive, and the last for whatever else. And so on and so forth. I know this is frowned upon since riot likes choice and options. But by doing this Supports will actually feel more like supports instead of these wierd "turn thresh into a bruiser" type situations. Will never happen because it restricts the game and choices made, but would this make it easier to balance?

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    well, if you want to look at it that way, it limits champ's to what "riot" thinks they should do. Zyra is a PERFECT example. She is classified as a mage by riot. What do all the pro's use her as? Support. so with this system, you wouldnt be able to build support Zyra, a VERY strong support in game atm. Same for lux, same for OT dmg amumu, and many others. Limiting gameplay because of "League of Warmogs" isnt the answer. the ANSWER, is to correctly balance health atm. its not just mogs. its mogs / sunfire atm (maybe randuins). Health is just TOO good atm, why limit champs because a stat is too good?

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    A meta for items? No thanks.

    And no, that would not cause a balance. Putting a stacking restriction (ie. max 2-3 of the same item) on the item itself could.
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    Health isn't too good; Armor Penetration is too good rendering Armor a useless stat (seriously riot, 54% ArP? get real). Nerfing Warmogs (Yes it's too strong) before nerfing/fixing ArP/Armor stats will render tanks useless.

    And no, it wouldn't make balancing easier, and the reason you stated yourself is more than enough for this to never get implemented.

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    This would mean no more AD Lulu, AP Sona, AD Thresh and many other unusual, but viable builds. No thanks.
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    The Problem is that Warmogs is much more resource efficient than armor or MR items. It's a pure economical reason.

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    An absolutely ridiculous, terrible idea. It would not make the game easier to balance, it would turn it into a steaming pile of shit. There is no point in restricting champions' build artificially - as it had been shown by AP Trynd, AP Yi, AD/Bruiser Thresh and many other strange but strong builds, the most intuitive way to build the champion might not be the only one - or not even the best one.
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    Health needs to be nerfed, or better changed somehow. It's much better to build HP these days than to build Armour or MR, although luckily some tanks end up building one damage resist type and health anyway.

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    Stacking HP is a bit to good until kogmaw comes along. Then malz comes along (srs his w is well op) I can drop a high hp champion in seconds with either champ. But still hp is very strong at the moment. Its like when teams used to purely stack GA. it will eventually come around when its not FOTM again and something else will be picked.

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