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    Thread instantly closed at the order of the Bli$$ney Corporation

    Now that was fast wasn't it? See what they do when anyone starts to try and pull down the curtains? They will silence anyone who calls for any real change. A boycott is a perfectly legal and democratic thing and they will have none of that. Do not let them fool you, all of these mods, all of the posters who come into your threads to shut you down or derail you are paid company workers hired to keep the machine going. They will spend more time money and effort into advertising and shutting down any real truth than they will in putting together an actual good game. It is all a sham and they are betting on your careless and forgetful attitudes. Do not let them step all over you. You owe this company nothing. YOU are the consumer but do you see how they actually feed on you? It is all in their plan and you can see the same example of this happening in all facets of life where one person wants to treat you like their slave. The only real way to change things is to forget about this company and to move on. Watch now as this thread is also shut down and that I will be suspended or quieted. They are so afraid of even the one quietest voice. They have no real power of you other than to distract or scare you. They are going down. Boycott Blizzard, end this foolishness and watch as the company is forced to be creative, ahahahaha, they can't. A boycott would destroy Blizzard because they are no longer capable of producing anything fun or truly artistic. They have become one giant money machine. A cold and lifeless thing that only wants to keep eating, like an animal. Even an animal has more soul in it than these companies anymore. Open your eyes and see what they will do to stay on top of you.

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    troll is troll????????? umm thats all I can think when I read this.

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    lolwut... mmochamp is seprate. INB4 Darth bans you.

    Also you're on a FAN FORUM, We love this game bro.
    "I hated hating Garrosh before it was cool."

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    It´s a company. They create games. Like them or don´t. But don´t try do derive an epic battle of good vs evil from every decision. Exaggeration much?

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    I love playing wow, why would I boycot Blizzard?
    Arguing with Trump is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what you do or say, he will just knock over the pieces, take a shit on the board and strut around like he won the whole damn thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingriku View Post
    lolwut... mmochamp is seprate. INB4 Darth bans you.
    i was just thinking that

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    Prepare your tinfoil hats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agile Emily View Post

    Prepare your tinfoil hats.
    ** runs and sifts thru cabinet **

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