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    What's worse for you - WoW or cigarettes?

    They're both about equally addicting.

    This is a serious question. It's like this game is impossible to quit forever. I haven't played in nearly a year and I still want to play the game every time I think about it. I don't have time for it, I don't even like it when I'm playing it, but I still want to. Exactly like cigarettes. So which one's worse? The one that kills you or the one that kills your social life and productivity?

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    Wow only kills your social life/productivity if you let it. If you're on of these people, you have low self will and would also find another activity (like tv for example) equally addicting.

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    I don't think World of Warcraft quite counts as a genuine addiction. There is no physical dependence on the game. While people can, and have, ruined relationships over it, I think it's less to do with WoW and more to do with someone unable to prioritize their time correctly.

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    The one that causes lung cancer...
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    WoW can be detrimental to your health if you let it be, cigarettes on the other hand are detrimental to your health regardless of how few you smoke. So, that leads me to say cigarettes are worse for you in almost every circumstance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shokter View Post
    The one that causes lung cancer...
    Among many other diseases/cancers, not to mention it also messes up social lives depending on the situation.
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    Ask tech support to delete your account or start typing extremely racist things in trade or on the forums and get a lifetime ban. Good day.

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    What kind of fucked up non-sense of a question is that? Cigarettes are chemically addictive. People that are "addicted" to wow just have no self control, don't blame the game just because you can't control yourself.

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    I love WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by re1gn1te View Post
    Cigarettes are chemically addictive. People that are "addicted" to wow just have no self control, don't blame the game just because you can't control yourself.
    Nothing wrong with wow OP, just you. Pointless thread really cigarettes are clearly worse for you, but what is worse than both is your lack of self control.

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    Cigarettes are chemically/physically addictive for no longer than three weeks. It's the mental addiction that remains and causes problems for people. When you have never smoked (statistically I'm sure half of you probably have not, at least), don't make assumptions.

    As well, stop making this about me. I haven't played WoW in a year. I haven't smoked since early college (years ago). I don't need help quitting either - I already did.

    Oh, and lack of self control. LOL. Ignorance is bliss I guess? Anyone who says that has no clue what they're talking about. You do realize some people are genetically predisposed to addiction right? I imagine I am and some of you probably are as well. It's not like crack heads enjoy becoming prostitutes and ruining their lives. No one does that because they just don't have self control. What an idiotic thing to suggest.

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    Wow - I've made some great friends and managed to see other countries because of where those friends live, and can speak to them every day on wow, so my social order has risen good.

    Cigs - gives you cancer.

    you figure it out.

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    Well, that certainly was not a loaded question, at all. Want me to light the fuse for your cigarette bomb, OP?

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    I find it hard to believe that this is a serious question honestly.

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    I think it's a fine question to be asking.

    Both are addictive, although it depends on the person. Cigarettes kills you. WoW gives you a good time to pass by, if it interferes with your daily activies such as homework and friends then you have a problem. Stop smoking and play WoW in moderate amount?
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    WoW is only detrimental to your health if you approach it in an unhealthy manner; if you neglect responsibilities, your health, and use it in excess. If it treat it like it is supposed to be treated -- like a fun hobby or form of entertainment to partake in occasionally in your free time -- then there is absolutely nothing harmful about it. In fact, it can even be beneficial by forming new friendships and connections, allowing people to meet people outside of their usual social circle, exposure to other cultures, practice a language you're learning, etc.
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    Smoking is bad for you by default.
    WoW only if played excessive amounts.

    And considering too much of anything is bad for you I'd say smoking is worse
    than WoW.

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    alcohol > wow > tobacco

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    Stopped reading after your first sentence. While there are some people have a gaming addiction, wow itself isn't nearly as addictive as cigarettes. Half of the people saying they are addicted to WoW don't even have a clue what they are talking about.

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    Why not smoke and play WoW? Isolation and an early death are the best a man could ever hope to achieve. (As long as sex and dinner are always just on the either side of the basement door).

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