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    Why do people always think that WoW-nerds have to be fat and ugly? Geez... You CAN play a lot of WoW and have a job and get out and everything. Goodness, you have to stop comparing a few extreme cases to someone who smokes a cigarette a day. Compare extreme WoW cases with people who smoke 5 packages of cigarettes a day at least; people who have skin like someone 20 years older than them, people who cough all day because of smoking and still won't stop doing it. And that's just the solo point of view. Throw those two guys, the nerd and the smoker in a room with others, and you get how their 'addiction' affects other people.

    For me, I've been avoiding my smoking parents ever since I had reached an age that allowed me to avoid them. Because they never considered to not smoke anymore around me, not even when I needed medication due to asthmatic episodes. I practically flee from them again after having visited them for a few minutes these days because it's unbearable.

    Smoking is worse than gaming because it affects those around you physically without them being able to do anything about it. You can't just stop inhaling the air around you. You can't tell your skin to not react to the smoke-saturated air. You can't tell your contact lenses to not start itching when you get smoke in your eyes. You can't tell your lung to not scream for clean air.

    Oh and... I'll rather kiss the WoW-nerd than the smoker
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crushima View Post
    Wow only kills your social life/productivity if you let it. If you're on of these people, you have low self will and would also find another activity (like tv for example) equally addicting.
    "Kills your social life" ??? I guess you didnt get the memo about wow being an MMORPG with millions of PEOPLE thats right..PEOPLE playing it. You do not interact with robots, you interact with other human beings even while playing the game, so many people build relationships on wow and im sure alot of them have gone from inside to outside aswell. When you're a raider you play with the game people 1-5 times a week and talk to then even when ur not raiding, you get to know them etc etc.. WoW is SOCIAL unless you make it a single player game by not interacting with anyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Excellent View Post
    Steal any bicycles today SunBakedDuck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pann View Post
    Stating that you can give up something tomorrow should you wish to do so but don't want to is classic addict behaviour.
    No it isn't... What a stupid comment.

    I'm playing World of Warcraft because I find it fun, enjoyable and I have a good time playing with my Guild & Friends. Just because I can quit World of Warcraft doesn't mean I have to...

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyve View Post
    No it isn't... What a stupid comment.

    I'm playing World of Warcraft because I find it fun, enjoyable and I have a good time playing with my Guild & Friends. Just because I can quit World of Warcraft doesn't mean I have to...
    Wow! Calm down!

    My reply was tongue in cheek, I found it slightly amusing that drug users often think that they can quit tomorrow and here was a comment saying the same about WOW but denying it could be addictive.

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    Cigarettes I guess...don't like the taste tooo much and never got addicted.

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    WoW is designed to be addictive. It's a forever ever game that never ends and you can't stay away for too long because then it's almost impossible to get on a competitive level again. Cigarettes are also an addictive but being addictive to cigarettes doesn't hinder you from progressing in life or being productive.

    This is the difference between the two addictives when it comes to IRL consequences.

    Cigarettes= Physiologic harm= Shortness of breath, cancer etc= Die when you're 70.
    WoW= Psychological harm= Disturbed sleep routines, "Don't give a fuck about IRL" syndrome, getting fired from your job and end up on GovAid.

    One of these addictives kills you in the long run, the other destroy your life and making it very difficult to get back on your feet. WoW is like any pokergame. You invest time and money into it and sometime it rewards you depending on the time you put in. Put more time in=get more rewards, put less time in= get less rewards. Some people are very susceptible to addictive substances, others are not. It comes down to the type of person you are, but that is true for almost all addictive substances WoW and cigarettes included.

    If you are of the addictive nature WoW is definitely more harmful to your quality of life than cigarettes are.
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    cigarettes are a lot worse.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    [The contents of this post can be unlocked in random loot boxes available from your local ISP. We want to provide readers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they read it.]

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    Neither are addicting to me

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    Ask a addicted gambler if something requires a physical stimulant to be addictive. WoW can be addictive. If played too much it is also not good for your health or well being. True the cigarettes add chemicals to your body and are worse for you. A truly addicted, play for hours non-stop, WoW player has a whole host of other health issues working on them.

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    Not as addicting than my Rx Painkillers

    Playing wow high as a kite is so much fun

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    Everything can be bad for you without moderation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilSaihah View Post
    Just to be contrarian, WoW is worse. At least you look cool while you smoke.
    Woah, that was shallow. I believe that living a life based on what others think about you is more unhealthy than the WoW or cig addiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toffie View Post
    I think it's a fine question to be asking.
    I don't see it that way. It is comparing apples and oranges. The only common denominator I can see they are both potentially addictive. One more than the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    I don't think World of Warcraft quite counts as a genuine addiction. There is no physical dependence on the game. While people can, and have, ruined relationships over it, I think it's less to do with WoW and more to do with someone unable to prioritize their time correctly.
    Played WoW for 6 years, 12h+ per day. I've become antisocial and depressed. I felt like year 2005(when I started wow) was 2 years ago. WoW had priority over everything else. Few years ago, I suddenly stopped playing WoW and I was shaking for a month like some drug addict. Now, when I dream(which is very rare), I dream about WoW... and all memories for the past 6 years are wow related... I'm still trying to reevaluate my life now.

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    Wow is only physically bad for you if you play it too much. Cigarettes are bad for you whether you smoke 1 a day or a pack a day. So I guess my answer would be the cigarettes.

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    wow has more of a psychological addiction aspect compared to other addictions, but it is by far less damaging than cigarettes. while playing wow, eventually your self preservation subconsciousness will kick in and force you to eat/sleep/drink/etc while smoking completely destroys your lungs.

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    my answer is: applepies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bags- View Post
    Yeah man when I don't play WoW for a few days I go through serious withdrawal. No wait that only happens with an actual legitimate addiction. I can't believe it took like six posts for someone to point out that the OP is wrong.

    Now I'd love to see some actual proof that WoW can be physically addictive to more than just a few odd cases (if even that!)
    It's not Wow that's physically addictive, which it's not. But the mmo itself is psychologically addictive. There's a lot of studies out there but it all boils down to the player having other mental disorders. Depression, low self esteem, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder all have strong effects on those that get pulled into MMO's. The eurphoria provided by Wow is a slam dunk for these individuals.

    The problem is aggravated because many of us are forced to use computers in our daily life. This makes it harder for individuals to control themselves without seeking a doctor's help.
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    I have made lots of great friends that i stay in contact with everyday through wow.
    Though i did have my phase where i started denying RL stuff (Work,friends,exercise, and at one point sadly, sex) But thankfully that is all over now, i still play pretty much everyday. I log on do a few BG's and log off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pann View Post
    Tell that to the babies that have died due their parents neglecting them for marathon MMO sessions or the teenagers who die from Deep Vein Thrombosis after not moving from their PCs for twelve hours plus.
    Are you seriously that retarded? There's been a hell of a lot more deaths caused by smoking, not to mention that lung cancer has been around way before computer games were even thought of.

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