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    I quit WoW and smoking. It is obviously much harder to quit smoking.

    If you are just as addicted to WoW you seriously have a problem. I played way too much WoW but it is not like smoking at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    Tobacco + Alcohol > Marijuana + caffeine > Sugar > WoW
    This seems to be correct .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surabe View Post
    If you are a real hardcore addict to WoW then wow can fuck so much up in your life (family, friends, love, social-life, self esteem)

    If you are a real hardcore addicted to cigarettes than cigarettes can fuck so much up in your life (cancer, COPD, and a lot of other health problems)

    It all depends on what you, I would rather have to get cancer later on in life than have a life were i would loose my friends/family etc. etc.

    Luckily I stopped smoking and stopped playing WoW!

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    Worse for you? Worse for you? Worse for YOU?

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    I quit cigarettes cold turkey after 12 years of smoking at least a pack a day, usually more.

    I quit drinking after a long love affair with alcohol.

    I cannot quit World of Warcraft. I just...can't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeTheHoe View Post
    People who say they are addicted to WoW need to get a perspective on what real addiction is.
    I'm addicted to WoW and I know what a real addiction is..

    I quit cigarettes cold turkey after 12 years of smoking at least a pack a day, usually more.

    I quit drinking after a long love affair with alcohol.

    I cannot quit World of Warcraft. I just...can't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slummish View Post
    Why not smoke and play WoW? Isolation and an early death are the best a man could ever hope to achieve. (As long as sex and dinner are always just on the either side of the basement door).
    Ha i smoke and playing WoW and i am still alive and not isoalted
    Maybe i have to start to drink dunno havent tryed yet
    Its depends from the persons and that with cigarettes early death isnt true its all about nature and destiny.The only sure early death come from Alcohol that is a fact mine father border die at 35 years his father around 55 just because of too much drinking.

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    Well, WoW can't give you cancer, but you might be led to believe otherwise depending on what bits of the Internet you read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by borinaria View Post
    Are you seriously that retarded? There's been a hell of a lot more deaths caused by smoking, not to mention that lung cancer has been around way before computer games were even thought of.
    Is there any need to be so insulting? And in answer to your rather silly and childish question no. Thanks for asking anyway.

    I'm sorry I must have missed the part where I wrote that gaming caused more deaths than smoking. You are aware that you can smoke all your life and not develop lung cancer and it can take the lives of those that have never smoked a single cigarette?

    Addiction of any kind is a serious matter which can and does wreck the lives of not only the addict but those of their family and friends and in extreme cases can lead to death. Many people seem to trivialise and dismiss the addiction when gaming is involved rather than drink, drugs or cigarettes but it can be no less dangerous. That does not mean that every gamer is an addict in the same way as everyone that has a drink does not become an alcoholic and it does not mean that every gamer that is a habitual player is going to neglect the real world and destroy their lives. At the same time, because the numbers involved are lower than more understood addictions, it does not mean that it cannot happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    I don't think World of Warcraft quite counts as a genuine addiction. There is no physical dependence on the game. While people can, and have, ruined relationships over it, I think it's less to do with WoW and more to do with someone unable to prioritize their time correctly.
    YOu do not have to be physically addicted to soemthing for it to count as an addiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaxio View Post
    Ha i smoke and playing WoW and i am still alive and not isoalted
    Maybe i have to start to drink dunno havent tryed yet
    Its depends from the persons and that with cigarettes early death isnt true its all about nature and destiny.The only sure early death come from Alcohol that is a fact mine father border die at 35 years his father around 55 just because of too much drinking.
    Nature and destiny? So you're saying that the metric fuckton of research that has gone into proving how smoking shortens your lifespan and gives you all sorts of nasty, lethal diseases is all basesless and useless, and that naute and destiny are the only things that control our lives? What colour is the sky in your world, and how has someone with such miniscule brainpower survived for as long as you have?

    And whiel WoW may be detrimental to your own health, it does nto affect the health of those around you. THis is the problem I have with want to be an idiot and kill yourself, fine. Just don't affect my health with your disgusting habit.

    Keep your posts civil. Insults are not tolerated
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    Wow is an entertaining game, Cigarettes are paper tubes filled with poison that cause cancer. You do the math.
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    Quite sure this isn't a serious question, but I'll answer seriously anyway. Cigarettes are worse, because if they don't kill you, they'll at least make your condition much worse over time; no one is immune. WoW is entertainment, and while addictive, it only destroys your productivity and social drive, if you let it. Don't be a natural loser and you're gonna be just fine.
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    Smoking doesn't cause cancer. It increases the chance you get it, just like fried food does or staring too long at the sun.

    The American Cancer Society's estimates for lung cancer (both small cell and non-small cell) in the United States for 2013 are:

    About 228,190 new cases of lung cancer (both small cell and non-small cell)
    About 159,480 deaths from lung cancer
    90% of those reported cases of lung cancer is related to smoking or 205,371 cases are related to smoking. Now how many people die from lung cancer every year in the US? 159,480 people... How many of those deaths are related to smoking? 60% or roughly 95.000 deaths. Scary right? No it's not. So how many smokers do you think there are in America?
    It is estimated that there are more than 43 million adults who currently smoke in the United States, Including our president, Barack Obama.
    This means that 0.2% of smokers actually die from lung cancer annually and about 0.5% of smokers get lung cancer every year. So if you smoke heavily for 50 years you have a chance(not certainty) of around 25% to get lung cancer and roughly half of that of actually dying from it. That's a pretty neat deal and not that very scary at all. It's a health risk that's very true but it's not as bad as media and statistics show it is. Smoking casually for 10 or even 20 years doesn't guarantee you will get cancer, it's barely even a risk at that point.

    Don't let media scare you because they are inconvenienced by getting a few puffs of smoke in their face at the bus stop. If the dear lord(probability) choose you to get lung cancer this year than you will get that regardless of smoking or not. Statistics proves it!

    It's all bullshit and it's bad for ya

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    Go ask in a cigarettes forum and lets see what they say lol

    Everything in excess is bad. I play wow, i smoke, drink, go to the school, work half time , have a GF and go to the gym (somedays) you need to find the balance in your life, giving all of your time to only 1 thing or 2 is ver bad. Find more hobbies.

    I know wow is so fun when you hang out with ppl and do things toguether ... but if you are playing it you must analize your life goals and see what is more important.. top the dps charts or do something more.

    at the end wow only wants your money you are not getting anything back, but good memories, like doing anything else

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    Cigarettes by miles. Feels kinda wierd to compare them. One is a fun game and the other is a deadly poison

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    I think cigarettes are worse because of the long term issues they cause are often more permanent.

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    WoW never filled my lungs with black tar...

    Then again, I'm sure cigarettes wouldn't have made me neglect my ex-girlfriend for "one more boss attempt in a raid;" so there's that.

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    clearly cigarettes...

    They're more expensive than WoW
    They make you stink
    They fill your lungs with tar restricting the oxygen into your blood stream which makes your skin age
    The smoke rots your teeth and gives you bad breath
    It makes your heart work harder opening you up to heart attacks and heart disease
    Increases the chances of lung and throat cancer
    It makes you incredibly unfit
    And all of this shortens your life

    My grandad smoked since he was 15 and it eventually killed him at 64. The year before he died he couldnt even walk up the stairs without needing to sit down to catch his breath. He just looked awful and i'll never forget it.

    Of course some smokers dont care but most live in denial, since this stuff will never happen to you right? So yeah give me WoW anyday.
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    My problem when I play WoW, I smoke alot
    ( start doing my batch of 432 ink dream, ok let's light up a cigarette)

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    Depends on how it affects your life.
    In the long term you might get various forms of cancer, cronic obstructive lung disease or high blood pressure from smoking. Leading to what might become an early death in your 50-70s. Which might be fine if you do not want to live that long. Or maybe you are lucky and you have great genes that protect you from cancer.

    With WoW the problem arrises if you play it to much and seriously neglect various aspects of your life.
    Like: not investing enough time in your education, leading to that you fail it.
    Or not building up/maintaining your social real life network.
    Neglecting your family, leading to divorce or pissed of relatives.
    These things might not be you die things, but they can lead to a severely diminished quality of life.

    In the end it is probably better to look at WoW the same way you look at other addictions like alcoholism.
    Try googling alcoholism addiction and score sheet you might find a score sheet where your asked questions about alcoholism just put in wow instead and ask yourself the same question.

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    If you count WoW an addiction you also need to add any hobby some people do exessively. Like Sport clubs, Auto Motor Clubs, Bikers, Facebook addicted and so on. Every hobby can become an obsession.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pann View Post
    Tell that to the babies that have died due their parents neglecting them for marathon MMO sessions or the teenagers who die from Deep Vein Thrombosis after not moving from their PCs for twelve hours plus.
    Babies die from parents neglect all the time. Suddenly Wow is a huge culprit? What about the idiots that leave their child in the car to suffocate or freeze? DVT is really pushing it.

    1/100,000 children develop DVT. 1/1000 adults develop it. It's easily treatable if caught. Unlike cancer which is silent and deadly, DVT causes extreme pain mainly in your legs and moves upwards. My brother in law has it, very active person and he's only 29. He's on blood thinners for life after the second clot.

    My co-worker had a heart attack in his chair after a 4 hour Wow session. He was 28 and arteries were 80% clogged, no prior symptoms. Most people are predisposition-ed to many of these diseases. There's usually an unchecked health issue that's unrelated to sitting in your chair for 12 hours.

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