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    When u would ask me 4 years ago i would say Wow, but these days im such a veteran i can just stop when i want to and never play extremely much anymore.

    Casual atm, and loving it

    So yea, sigarettes are the baddest atm.

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    Neither, it's the individual who has the addictive personality. It's not the object that creates it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pann View Post
    Tell that to the babies that have died due their parents neglecting them for marathon MMO sessions or the teenagers who die from Deep Vein Thrombosis after not moving from their PCs for twelve hours plus.
    So whats the % of that vs smoking related deaths id be interested too see this.
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    Tobacco + Alcohol > Marijuana + caffeine > Sugar > WoW

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    I gave up cigarettes, haven't been able to give up wow yet :P

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    Cigarette addiction can cause cancer, plus you're smoking ammoniac and propergols, not only tobacco. People smoke to relieve stress or unpleasant feels but their addiction causes a new one. Nobody needs tobacco to survive, so cigarette has the potential to be a physical drug with psychological effects.

    WoW addiction can cause social exclusion, health problems, nervous anger, stress, and psychological/psychical problems. People play wow to evade from their unpleasant/stressful life but their virtual adventures can become too much of a deal to manage. Nobody needs WoW to survive, so WoW has the potential to be a psychological drug with physical effects.

    WoW may kill far less than cigarette, but the way this game is designed sadly opens a pandora box for early to long term addiction wich destroyed countless lives, mariages, jobs, and finally the self-esteem some people who hadn't any put into this game.

    If messages like "don't forget to see your friends outside of Azeroth" has been implemented on loading screens, it's not surprising.

    In this debate "video-games VS drugs" people tend to forget that it's not the "video-game" term which is disturbing but the ammount of time and committment you have to concede to actually feel like you're the part of something due to the game. Which is the true design flaw WoW and several other mmo's have from the very start. They tend to minimize it, but still.

    I personnally stopped wow due to latency issues after I reached level 90, my initial goal being achieved after 3 years of play. I initially wanted to play a paladin, get a T2, a sulfuras, and al'ar mount. I never forgot that objective which became more like a far souvenir than anything, but served as a excuse to tell me "I had a good playtime" in the end when I finally achieved it. I was like "oh yeah I remember that was my goal, mission accomplished, woohoo". This was some kind of wake-up call too.

    On the course of months and years I went from complete noob to HC MT in one of the 6 years old main guilds on my server. Which recently disbanded.

    I guess mission is accomplished and I don't intend to play wow again, as I often had to undergo the gaming sessions more than enjoy it (responsibilities, etc).
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    Cigarettes, obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaru View Post
    They're both about equally addicting.

    This is a serious question. It's like this game is impossible to quit forever. I haven't played in nearly a year and I still want to play the game every time I think about it. I don't have time for it, I don't even like it when I'm playing it, but I still want to. Exactly like cigarettes. So which one's worse? The one that kills you or the one that kills your social life and productivity?
    One of those two things killed my mother when I was 16 years old, eating her brain and some of her shoulder. It took her nine months to die and for most of that time she was cross-eyed (brain being eaten)... and the other one is WoW. So I'm going to have to say cigarettes.

    Stop smoking.

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    I've just successfully quit smoking after 22 years. I've tried several times to quit but this time it was extremely easy. - This was the aid I used, and let me tell you, it made quititng smoking easier by a factor of 100. I kid you not it was just.. easy.

    First 3 days were a bit hard, very irritable but nowhere near as bad as previous quitting attempts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markdall View Post
    One of those two things killed my mother when I was 16 years old, eating her brain and some of her shoulder. It took her nine months to die and for most of that time she was cross-eyed (brain being eaten)... and the other one is WoW. So I'm going to have to say cigarettes.

    Stop smoking.
    I don't mean to be disrespectful but that can't have been cigarettes she was smoking. It just doesn't have that effect on the human body.
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    WoW is more expensive and cause brain cancer. So I prefer cigarettes... or heroin

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    Wait what? Since when is it okay to compare cigarettes with a game? I'm confused...

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    Wow is mentally addicting while cigarettes are physically addicting.

    Cigarettes are worse Imo.
    Quote Originally Posted by Urti View Post
    Seriously this. I'm a high-speed, low-drag, supah-healah. Doling out the feel-goods LIKE A BAWS, keeping everyone shiny, happy and cool. Staying on top of my game, even in a combat situati....THERE'S THAT DAMN GROUNDHOG AGAIN!!!

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    cigarettes ofc, if u choose wow over dropping a disgusting habit that is cigarettes, u need some serious help.

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    WoW. If you just smoke, you can run and do sports to combat cigarettes effect on your body. But if you sit on a computer all day playing games I'm fairly sure you can develop some kind of muscle or bone illness.

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    If you are a real hardcore addict to WoW then wow can fuck so much up in your life (family, friends, love, social-life, self esteem)

    If you are a real hardcore addicted to cigarettes than cigarettes can fuck so much up in your life (cancer, COPD, and a lot of other health problems)

    It all depends on what you, I would rather have to get cancer later on in life than have a life were i would loose my friends/family etc. etc.

    Luckily I stopped smoking and stopped playing WoW!

    /flex /dance /free

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    Playing WoW isn't detrimental to your health in any way, Cigarettes are in many ways and dramatically so.

    You could make a similar comparison with smoking and sitting still in a chair. If you sit still in a chair for 15 hours a day it's very detrimental, both to your social life and your health.

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    Can I vote for both? As WoW is killing my social life and cigarettes are killing me otherwise :<
    Quitting WoW is very similar to quitting smoking.

    Easier then most people think, the hard part is not coming back a few weeks later.

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    Thanks to mop I a finally dont feel like playing anymore.
    But I had a hard one trying to quit. Way harder than smokes.

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    People who say they are addicted to WoW need to get a perspective on what real addiction is.

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