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    Warlock Macro macros

    I would like to hear from fellow warlocks which macros they find invaluable, whether it be PVE or PVP. To get things started I'll post some of my personal macros that I use on a frequent basis.

    /console Sound_EnableSFX 0
    /cast Blood Fury
    /use 13
    /use 10
    /cast Chaos Bolt
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide() 
    /console Sound_EnableSFX 1
    Utilizing the same macro with Metamorphosis and Dark Soul instead of Chaos Bolt. Macro uses blood fury, engineering gloves and trinket if those abilities are off cooldown. I have those same abilities also non-macro keybound so I can decide whether burst is needed or not.

    Another macro that I use to not have to switch targets in / out when in execute range of main target is.

    #showtooltip Havoc
    /cast [@mouseover, harm, exists] Havoc
    Replace Havoc with shadowburn to have a mouseover shadowburn macro without having to swap main target.

    Something I would like some input on, is if people use fire and brimstone macrod or not. I have tried macros alike
    #showtooltip Conflagrate
    /cast Fire and Brimstone
    /cast Conflagrate
    But it seems at times to not cast the Fire and Brimstone and do a regular conflagrate (same for immolate and incinerate), other times it seems to work a few times in a row then stop working altogether. Doing fire and brimstone manually works, but it seems to be less quick than if a macro would work correctly (in that you press fire and brimstone first, which does not trigger gcd, and then move finger to your incin/immo/conflag button).

    Other PVP oriented macros I use are focus CC macros, which could likely use some cleanup.
    /target [button:2] focus
    /focus [harm] target
    /cast [target=focus,exists] Fear
    /targetLastTarget [button:2] 2
    Affliction / Demo macros are highly welcome, I'm switching to a mouse that will allow me to have 12 more keybinds than my current mouse, and would not mind some more quality-of-life improvers.
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    I really don't like mouseover macros for offensive abilities. All to often I've cast them on the wrong thing when there is a pack.

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    I only use the mouseover Havoc macro, without that macro my life would be nothing!

    Other than that one, I find most macros to be more harm than good imho.

    EDIT: Oh no wait, I also use Dark Soul and the PvP trinket as a macro when doing PvP!
    Mostly because I'm confused in PvP and would never remember to press F1 (which is the button for my trinket) if it wasn't in a macro!
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