He falls off late game damage wise but by then you should be a tanky, dive happy anti-carry. His laning phase is one of the best, solid base stats, scales well early with little AD(a brutalizer is all you need during lane phase) and has a decent escape.

As stated, he can't carry. If you go all AD with thirster, LW and black cleaver you will not be tanky enough to get to the ADC and do any serious damage before getting blown up, even with ult.
Even so, I love playing him top, he is hard to counter pick.

Edit- Also, he syncs up super well with a jungle shen and ori mid. You double dash in, shen ults you, ori ults on you, pop ult, cull the meek on everyone, stun adc, shen taunts all 5/how many you managed to catch, ???, gg.