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    12 HM Skilled DK/Priest/+ moving to Oceanic, LF basement for 5.2

    Good day gentlemen,
    I am russian. And if you're still haven't closed that window, let's continue.

    I've been playing on EU-RU servers for 2 years, began at Cataclysm and, I assume, ended there(had TBC experience on private server-let's not count that).

    Now I decided to try my WoW career one more time, but without 450+ latency.
    Me progression:I joined casual group(actually been one of the formers) 10man in Firelands as a Blood DK. Later on in 4.3 when we completed our roster with skilled people and really friendly atmosphere I was Unholy DK with TOP20-100 Unholy logs on all actual bosses of Dragonsoul for 0-10% nerfs; we finished top 10 4.3 on server before lots of guilds arrived to our server(on Ashenvale-Eu we have Taiga who are in top-40 world 25 guild).
    Cataclysm: Done, everything completed, every achievement solved, even Sinestra with that Latency. Ragnaros HM was sold for gold 20+times. One of my armories(basically it is Dual frost DK, so do not compare weapon and gemz):

    Pandaria: I've found the guild with whom we killed like 1st HM on the first week and cleared full normal on 1st weeks normal, because my previous roster blown up 2 days before pandaria(raid leader quit irl). For all that time I've been playing with my GF and we haven't found anything friendly on that bloody MOTHERLAND servers. We quit WoW.
    I've been raiding alone, in one russian guild but from 1 to 4 AM which was driving me crazy, but since I've been on holidays I don't care, closed 12 HM with my friends from my friends' accounts(may prove it). Now I'm moving back to siriiz biznss and looking for a place to live and raid for 5.2

    About me IRL
    20 years old, working overseas student, doing my Major in Computing(software engineering), having understandable english, living in Sydney(EST), and looking for a good raiding group for 3-6|7 evenings a week EST+1+2+3( from 7-8 PM to 1-2 AM), with ANY progression.
    Having experience in configuring DBM, Phoenix, experienced in using PowA, OmniCC,Recount|Skada, having raiding interfase(SUF+bartender), having a potential to learn new things and scout tons of info for class|spec.
    Able to start any class from 22 February on any server of US. Gearing up in 5.1 LFR and normal|HC raids will be my own problem unless you have raids for alts.
    My preferable and|or most experienced classes are: DK(all specs, 10 HM 5.1 experience), Priest(all specs, Sh>Dc>Holy), Rdruid(12HM 5.1), Sham(Restor>Elem, 7 HM). Again, I may start any class except Monk DPS.
    I can bring a friend with myself who will be new to WoW but he's Asian gamer(sounds legit, right?)
    Any other informaion I may share? Please PM me or leave a message here.

    And once again-truly I don't give a thing if it would be HC progression 6|7 from 3 hours to the FirstKill or casual 10man who will spend half a year to make a roster, the main thing is an atmosphere of a people who are playing a game, not doing a job (simply speaking-not shouting like a queen|king if anyone doing two mistakes in a row in 2 pulls or pissing of for a loot sharing). Patience does not stands for age, that's a usual practice
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