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  • Don't change anything. Green is how I recognize them.

    70 38.67%
  • Make all of them turn to a golden glow. Only Warlocks with green fire reward keep the green glow.

    21 11.60%
  • Make it a choice as DKs skin. Every skin color doubled with Sunwell golden and Fel green eyes.

    90 49.72%
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    Hypothetically, if this golden eye scenario were to take place, I think only the Blood Elves that actually use the Light should have them.

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    You forgot to add an option for 'who fucking cares, when I am smashing face in a bg, I'd never even see it.'
    Cuz unless you and they are motionless and zoomed right the hell in, NO ONE will ever even spot the difference.
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    Sounds as gay as the ones with green eyes...

    You asked for the truth....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ielenia View Post

    That is mostly wrong. Brown orcs were forced by the Burning Legion to drink demon blood, which gave them bloodlust and the green skin they have today. Now, during in Warcraft 3, you learn that if green orcs drink the blood of demons AGAIN, their skin turn red, and their bloodlust increases almost tenfold. (Ok, the 'tenfold' was made up, but it DOES increases a lot.)

    It was not 'fel magic' that made brown orcs green and green orcs red. It was drinking blood of major demons.
    They were turning green even from ambient exposure before they drank mannoroth's blood, read Rise of the Horde.

    Also, ambient fel energy in blasted lands turned the Horde portal sentries red.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nachoo View Post
    Im pretty sure its normal orcs are brown, Fel orcs are red, and orcs that have been lifted from the fel energy's are green.
    Then orcs in WC1 and WC2 would've been red.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jahasafrat View Post
    Hypothetically, if this golden eye scenario were to take place, I think only the Blood Elves that actually use the Light should have them.
    All Thalassian elves (both high and blood) are currently linked to the reinvigorated, Light-fueled Sunwell; if their eyes shift to gold it would be due to the Light that's constantly detoxing them even as we speak and will continue to do so for as long as the Sunwell exists without being corrupted again less than due to active Light use (though that might help speed up the process in their bloodline).

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    If we didn't have such a shitty community in this game I would suggest doing it as a quest, give every 70+ BE a quest to go to the sunwell and bask in its energy, cleansing their fel corruption and giving them golden eyes.

    However this will never happen because as i said before, the shitty community in this game would cry favoritism this and unfair that.

    This is why we can't have nice things.

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    Weren't golden Eyes a Sign for strong Druidic Potential? I thought i read that somewhere.. so.. if that's true, Bloodelves shouldn't have golden Eyes. It wouldn't fit.

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    Fuck yes, this is a great idea. I say make it a choice, via the DK-style skin method as you say. I would love for my Belf Pally to have his eyes burning with holy retribution; the fury of the sunwell coursing through him.

    Green should still be an option, though, as there are probably still belves who feed from fel energy. I could point to Silvermoon, but that is BC-era. But Warlocks, at the very least, might still have green eyes. For non-warlocks, it could be that fel energy is something of an acquired taste. Or rather, quite addictive. Even though the Sunwell is purified and working as a viable source for their magic dependency, some elves may voluntarily continue to suck on fel.

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    No thanks. Gold eyes are tacky.
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    Considering my main Blood Elf alt is a priest;
    I'd be all for this.

    More customization in general would be nice for everything and this would be a nice step in the right direction.
    I agree with the suggestion of it being a special quest reward for those who'd want it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buu View Post
    I don't think it's the same as physical changes to Draenei and Orcs. In the case of Belves, they kept their appearance, and only changed the energy source from Arcane Blue to Fel Green. Makes more sense to me that once they started to use Na'aru Golden, that would simply change again. Wretched on the other hand fits your theory. They're gone.
    it is the same as the orcs. its just they were taking in low doses of energy instead of physically drinking demon blood (well some of them did which created the fel elves but thats not relevant)

    their eyes dont "glow" green. they nolonger have eyes at all their eyes are made out of fel fire if their eyes just glowed green it wouldnt be a biggy since lorewise high elves have green eyes, purple eyes, silver eyes, golden eyes, blue eyes, red eyes ect ect
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    im a freaking blood elf dk what now blue? golden?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raegwyn View Post
    im a freaking blood elf dk what now blue? golden?
    Let's just go with red.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raegwyn View Post
    im a freaking blood elf dk what now blue? golden?
    Are you sure? Because as far as I remember every DK have blue glow in the eyes by default. Even Belves. If you're a Belf DK how you never noticed that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightwolfZed View Post
    Weren't golden Eyes a Sign for strong Druidic Potential? I thought i read that somewhere.. so.. if that's true, Blood elves shouldn't have golden Eyes. It wouldn't fit.
    You are off a bit, this is only a thing with night elves, so its not the same. So for a blood elf it is possible. In lore powerful paladins have glowing gold eyes because of the Holy light. I wish they would add this to the paladin class my self. I my self would like to keep blood elves with green and blue.

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    I would have the golden eyes on my paladin though I feel other classes would prefer the traditional green eyes. Still it would be a welcomed addition for character customization for me. Though I feel Blizzard would say it takes a more substantial amount of time for the demon magic to fade away, hence why Blood Elves still have green eyes and Orcs still have green skin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buu View Post
    How you people would feel with Blood Elves reflecting the change in the Sunwell?
    Did the Orcs change back to being brown once they stopped using demonic magic?
    No, and I don't see any reason for the Blood Elves to change back either.

    The green eyes are a remnant of their past, sort of like a magical scar.
    Besides, Night Elves and Forsaken already have glowing yellow eyes. Green stands out so I say let's keep it that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuiZe View Post
    I would have the golden eyes on my paladin though I feel other classes would prefer the traditional green eyes.
    Hmm, I can agree with this. Maybe Blood Elf Paladins should be an exception.

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    Indifferent, as it´s such a minor cosmetic change.

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    I think their eyes should stay green, mostly because I can't really imagine non-light-wielding classes with golden eyes, whereas green makes sense for the same reasons orcs still have green skin.
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    WoWRPG states that High Elves can have eyes variating from violet, to red, to blue. However, this source isn't quite canon so can be disregarded. It also states classes such as Argent Dawn Templars can have silver/golden eyes.

    However, High Elves - in World of Warcraft - where always depicted with blue eyes, which is their natural eyecolor. The fel-taint changed this color to green. The Sunwell slowly 'cleanses' the Fel-taint in the Blood Elves, meaning it would revert to blue. Keep in mind, the Sunwell as it is now is a mixture of Arcane and Holy energies. As anything but a Paladin, I wouldn't go with golden or silver eyes, to be honnest.

    EDIT: Also, Fel magic is definitely not prohibited amongst the Blood Elves and still works similar to radiation - meaning a prolonged presence of a Fel source will slow down the Sunwell's purification-process even more. Some Blood Elves are aware what a restored Sunwell means, and would rather not be associated with their "traitorous" or "Alliance" kin, the High Elves.
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