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    Double reputation revered question

    I was wondering if the double rep when you're revered only applies to Pandaland or every faction.

    Thank you

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    Only certain Pandaria factions have the commendation unlocked for that specific faction:


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    It's faction by faction, and only applies to Mists of Pandaria factions.

    The Tillers
    The Shado-Pan
    The August Celestials
    The Golden Lotus
    The Klaxxi
    Operation Shieldwall/Domination Offensive
    Kirin Tor Offensive/Sunreaver Onslaught
    Shado-Pan Assault or whatever the new raid rep was called
    Order of the Cloud Serpents
    The Anglers

    The Black Prince and any pre MoP factions are not affected.

    At revered you can buy a grand commendation for that faction, which will double all reputation gains on your battle.net account, meaning not only can alts grind out the rep a lot faster, but even your initial character's run to exalted will be much easier. But you have to actively buy and use the item, it won't apply by default.

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    Its a nice feature, but it makes the grind to exalted feel less epic, being smaller than the grind to revered.

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