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    Question regarding lockout extension on heroic

    So we're a guild that was 4/6 HC 25 man HoF.

    Last reset we managed to kill Imperial Vizier on heroic as well (always talking 25 man). However, we didn't have time to clear the rest of the instance and we just stopped there.

    We are now thinking about extending the lock, just to avoid having to rekill him, and get more time on Empress.

    My question is, after the extend, provided of course that we'll kill blade lord, garalon, wind lord and amber shaper on heroic, are we gonna be able to do Empress on heroic?

    I know the obvious answer here is yes, I just want to be 100% sure since we really want to finish HoF before the patch hits and it would suck to waste 1 of the 2 weeks we got left.

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    Yes:P. That's kinda the point of the extending feature^^

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